Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I've got this under control

I really don't understand why people act like having a lot of kids is  hard work, or why doing daycare is tiring. In actuality it's very easy! I've  got this under control people.

Brielle was daring to  open her eyes....she was severely scolded

See? All  you have to do  is tell  them all  to go to bed for the  day...then kick  back  with your  favorite snack, daytime tv, and the's really not so  hard at all!

Brielle is so confused.

Sawyer has a tattoo on his  forehead...fake ;-)

This makes me laugh
In all  honesty though, the kids are pretty easy to watch when I have 4 of them here. I was able to work on some Etsy orders this morning and they entertained themselves. My sewing area is open to the whole downstairs so I can keep an eye  on them. Raya and Sawyer  started playing this funny "game" where they were going to sleep and using Brielle toy clock  as their alarm clock haha.

Don't they look  like a little  old married couple?! hehe. It was all going well until I heard Sawyer say "Raya, quit pissing me off!"  LOL---he never swears so I have no idea where that came from, but  I had to hold back  my smile. ....on second thought, maybe they are more like an old married couple than I thought!! :-) 

During this time the babies were having a secret pow wow.....Brielle gave me a look like "we're having a private discussion MOM!"  ....these two  may  be trouble together  when they're older!

Here are just  a few extras for you all ....

Lastly, yesterday I said how Lee and  I don't really  do extravagent gifts for Valentine's  day, but he was very sweet and surprised  me with a little something when he came home from work--flowers!

The biggest  suprised though was  that he actually bought CARDS! The whole time I've  known him he's be hugely  anit-card. He thinks they are a huge  waste of money (which they  are, but they're still nice from time to time). Anyways, he actually picked out a card for me and one for each of the girls and they were very cute. Mine had me said something like "honey, you may thing that all of your hard work goes unnoticed, but that's not true....I've been watching you from my spot on the couch during commercials"   :-)

In Raya's special card he put little trinkets like a heart pencil and mickey mouse magnet, and stickers, etc.  She was impressed!

And he was  the better  parent because he  made  sure  Brielle  got her own mickey magnet --she was happy  to finally have something of  her  own!

Happy "hump day" everyone!


  1. AWWW love that he surprised you!

    and I totally agree that SOMEDAYS, having 4 kids is easier than 2 becuase they entertain each other. I watch my friends kids sometimes and I usually look forward to the "break" but somedays... not so easy :)

  2. I am so jealous of your kids... getting to play with their cousins so often! (My kids don't have any cousins!) I love the "sleeping" game! We play it often!

    Hope your Wednesday afternoon goes just as smoothly!

  3. These pics are so cute! And I love that you made a point of mentioning that Sawyer's tattoo is fake!

  4. Love the pic of the kids sleeping (except for Brielle) I can't believe you got Harper to pretend also!!!!! Looks like you had a great day!!!

    Grama F

  5. Sawyer was sure to inform John when he got home that he shouldn't say pissed off anymore because Shawna doesn't like it. It's reasons like this that I'm terrified to have Sawyer in my elementary school! Let's just say I have to be careful about making judgments about some of my students' behaviors now.

  6. You really do make having 4 kids look easy! :) And I had to laugh at the card that hubby got you. That would soo be a card hubby would get for me! Ha!

    Happy (belated) Valentine's Day!

  7. So funny...I got the exact same card from Tyler! I laughed too! Sounds like our hubby's are very similar :) I got ice cream instead of flowers though.

    You do make having 4 look really easy. I've always said I wanted 4 kids, but we'll see :)

    1. Ha! Too funny :-) Too bad you don't live closer, we could "double date" some time! hehe


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