Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jump! Jump!

Kris Kross will make you jump, jump!

How high? Real high 'cause I'm just so fly

I come stompin' with somethin' pumpin' to keep you jumpin'

Kris Kross will make you jump jump!

(And don't  worry, I  didn't have  those lyrics memorized...I had  to look them up. Like most of us all I remember  is "jump jump!" LOL)

So anyways, I'm feeling much better now! I  slept off and on until  noon today and then I was pretty much back  to normal. Thankfully  my flu bug was short  lived! My parents brought the girls back this afternoon and Raya's new  thing is she likes to play "dress up" her own clothes haha. So today we're doing a belated Fashion Friday post by giving you all a sneak peek into the girls' summer wardrobes :-) Raya had a blast picking out the things she wanted to show you and of course one of my necklaces became a very necessary accessory hehe. Enjoy!

It  was a must to look  at herself in the mirror each time...just to admire herself

For my brand highlight this week I'm featuring Tea Collection...I could not  be more  in love with this brand! It's somewhat pricey so watch for sales---I scored this dress on clearance about a year ago for $19....that's about as cheap as you'll find one new. Their stuff is so adorable though and it definitely has a unique look---I can spot a kid wearing Tea Collection at the mall haha.

This dress is still a little big on Raya---it's a 4. But we should be able to make it work this summer I think. I can't wait any longer! :-)

Next up Raya wanted to model  a tank from Carters....although she has  *really* slowed down in growth and a few of the things I picked up on clearance in the fall are going to be too big for her this summer I think! Oh well, we'll just save them for the next summer. This tank though actually might work as a tunic with leggings or something. Brielle has a matching one...which will also probably  be too big for my petite babe ;-)

She  was case you couldn't tell lol

While Raya was struttin her stuff  Miss Brielle was just chilaxin' ;-)

Next up Raya  picked  a little  outfit  that Grandma bought her on clearance last fall. ....says "Diva Boot  Camp" this one!

She has  graduated to "big girl" headbands now...the hard ones, not  stretchy. She picked a couple out at Children's Place :-)

This tank top is actually way cute....however Raya  decided to go pantless and so it looks like a hoochie club ensemble LOL. Oh well! I will make her wear pants in public :-P

By  this time her  hair  was full of static from all the clothing changes!
Brielle didn't get much new  stuff  for summer  since she will, as usual, have hand me downs...but  I couldn't resist getting a couple clearance dresses in blue, to bring out those eyes of hers :-) And who would have guess that  size 18 months would be swimming on her still?! Seriously shorty :-P Hopefully she shoots up before summer!

These pics are bad quality, but  she loves to oblige when I ask "stick out your tongue!" and  every time it makes me laugh...she's so funny!


camera went crazy, but  look at her eyes!

My cutie patootie
She thought she was hiding from me in the bathroom....

And then she accidentally pulled the  towel down on herself lol

While I was taking Brielle's picture Raya apparently  decided to put on fairy wings and then decorate the vacuum with my necklace...

Her other  "big girl" headband :-)

Lastly, nowadays I get to check out most public bathrooms when we go into town. I've learned a lot so did you know Children's Place has "secret" sale bins back by their potty?! I didn't! We may have picked up Brielle 2 new winter hats....they look adorable  with (or without) her winter coat...and only $2!!!!

See that  smirk behind the paci? It's because she knew she  was about to drive me crazy!  ripping off her  hat!
Raya wanted to steal the show during Brielle's  hat modeling...

...back to Brielle...

Seriously stinkin' cute!

Silly girl!

I am aware of how creepy this  is LOL

So there you have  it---enough pictures to make up for the lack of them on Friday! :-) Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. Rayas green outfit is cute
    I love that blue & white ruffle one on Brielle

    Glad to hear your feeling better

  2. Love the pics of Raya jumping on the bed!! You have created a monster with all that clothes, Raya is going to be a clothes hoarder!!! I wondered where that purple hat came from, really looks good with Brielles eyes!!! Could that baby get any prettier!!!!!
    Grama F

    1. A clothes hoarder would be my dream come true! :-P

  3. LOVE Raya's diva shirt! Adorable pictures of the girls!

    Glad to hear your feeling better too. :)

  4. LOVE that owl hat!! Also really like both of Raya's outfits. Too cute. I read Chris the part about Raya playing dress up with her clothes & I said not only is that my dream come true but I bet it's Shawna's too. Lol. A live Barbie hehe.

    1. I know, right?! Haha...I'm beginning to feel confident that she's going to be my perfect shopping buddy---probably creating a monster, but we'll have fun! :-)

  5. They both look adorable! If I ever do have a girl, I'm going to have to revisit all of your posts for shopping tips!

    Glad you're feeling better... I had that flu bug in Jan and it was awful!


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