Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A letter from Brielle

Dear one year molars,

You are NOT my friend.

No. In fact you are very mean to me!

You make me sad. And when I'm sad that makes Mama  crazy. Because I cry. A lot.

One year molars, you are the  bane of my existence. ....and  yes, I have  an advanced vocabulary for a 12 month old.

And you know what? Do you want  to know who *is* my friend? Monkey  paci. Dear old monkey paci. In fact, we both hate you. (I  know it's not  nice  to hate, but  Mama said it's  ok just this  once.)

My friend <3

That is  all.

Love,  Brielle


  1. Poor Brielle! She looks so cute with her wubbanub though! =)

  2. Oh, sweet girl. That's so sad. I hope she feels better soon! Ever try the frozen washcloth? That got us through a lot of rough nights with Cael and Graham!

  3. Also- she is looking so pretty/girly these days! I love the pic of her by the oven. Look at those eyes!

  4. My poor little Brielle!!! Those teeth can be just terrible. Love,
    Grama F

  5. It's funny that you did a post one this cause I was just writing up a post on this this thing. Keira has been crying all day everyday for the last week. I feel your pain. Feel better soon Miss Brielle


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