Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A new do, a new you

We attempted cousins pictures again, per our wednesday ritual. Didn't  go so well  today though LOL---see for yourself!

After seeing Brielle on Sawyer's  lap above, Raya insisted on sitting on his "lap" too haha
The girl needs to hit  a growth spurt soon---she's a solid little thing! I swear, I don't think she's grown at all  in height in like a year.

And they're  done :-P
Brielle rolled around on the couch for awhile----and got static hair ;-)

THen she tried to stand  up, and I got this hilarious picture of her  mid-fall hehe

And attempt at a sister photoshoot  also  bombed  today...

And so  we moved  on from photos and instead played hair stylist to the child stars! Long time readers may remember the 2 awesome haircuts I've given Raya in her lifetime :-).....well Sawyer's hair  has been looking mighty unruly and his parents wanted it cut---so this morning I worked on giving him a short boy cut, per his mom's request. I think it turned out cute! Such a drastic change takes a little getting used to, but  his hair looks so much healthier now and his look is more refined and studly hehe.

I needed him to model my Easter tie shirt  sample, so he obliged ;-)

Doesn't the angle  of this photo kind of make him look like a bobble head ? ;-)

Here he was eating his post haircut  yogurt reward...

And lastly, Grandma found Raya this super  cute  Pumpkin Patch skirt (I reviewed this  brand on one of my earlier Fashion Fridays)  at the second hand store last weekend----Raya was a hot  mess this  morning, but here you go Grandma---you can kinda  see how it fits! ;-)

That's all I've  got for today! Call soon to book your next haircut with me :-) Sawyer  gives me rave reviews because he doesn't  have  to comb his hair anymore and he liked the "rain" dripping on him during the haircut (water drips) LOL.


  1. The haircut is CUTE! And he does look like a different kid! (And I don't even know him!) Well done, Shawna!

  2. He looks adorable. I get more and more jealous by the day. Wish you lived closer so you could do something with Kyla's wild hair! I'm just letting it grow for awhile though and see what happens :)

    I love the picture of Brielle laying on the couch with static hair and a big smile on her face with those cute little teeth showing. So cute!

  3. It makes me sad to see Sawyer looking so old, I want these babies to stay little as long as possible!!!! The hair cut is cute though, and he needed it big time, looks much healthier. When I talked to him on the phone today he said he liked it because he doesn't have to comb it anymore!!! Too funny! Now how can I get you to cut Dad and Johns hair also!!!
    Grama F

  4. This morning was so peaceful and tangle-free! Now John needs to get an appointment at your salon.


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