Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reasons why I love you

Today I thought  I'd share  reasons why I love my  family!

I  love Miss Raya because:
1) She's funny and  smart.
2) She is  a Mama's girl.
3) She still loves to be  held and  cuddled.
4) She has a good heart and loves everyone.
5) She'll  always be  my  first born, which holds a special place  in my  heart.

I love Brielle because:
1) She has a great personality and is always smiling.
2) She is active and keeps me on my toes.
3) She has those  blue  eyes that just draw you in.
4) She is easy going and goes with the flow.
5) She has been the perfect addition to our family and loves her  big  sister.

I love my husband because:
1) He  works hard so that I  can stay home with the girls.
2) He tries to  act tough and  manly, but he is thoughtful and has a good heart.
3) He is outgoing and can talk with anyone; I don't  have  to babysit him at parties.
4) He does the chores around the house that  I  don't want to  do.
5) He is good  to the girls and Brielle is becoming quite  the  Daddy's girl, which is cute.

I didn't  have  anything huge planned for the girls today, because  we already did our big  party last  week. But I did have a little goodie bag with a paint book and a candy necklace, which was a huge hit as I expected.

Lovin' the necklace!

I had to teach her  how  to eat the  candy off...she was a quick  learner!

I didn't get Brielle anything because  I figured she was too little to care....

...but she looked mighty pitiful carrying around Raya's empty necklace wrapper!
For Daddy we did a craft and made him a Valentine...

...and  even though my cold  is now  in full swing and I  have no sense of taste or smell  left, I  did cook a nice  roast dinner  for  tonight and  Raya helped me make Daddy his favorite brownies! We don't really get into actual Vday gifts around here...I'd rather not  spend money on things we don't  need when you can easily  show people how much you love them without spending money and doing elaborate gifts :-)

After craft  time I thought maybe  we could do a cute  vday photoshoot. But you all  know how *that* goes with my girls....they  are the world's worst photoshoot kids! Here is how that went:

Brielle snorted  out a huge booger right as I took the pic  LOL

So then I decided that "lifestyle photography" is very in right now, why  don't  we try that?! And so we did....we did some lifestyle jumping-on-Mama's-bed photography LOL

In  the end  I decided to just let  Raya  do her thing!

And so with that  we'd  like to say, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!

With love,

Well *actually*....

....Brielle isn't  feeling the love....

And sorry you guys, neither is Raya.
So  I guess  it's  more like HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!

With indifference,


  1. Love the girls shirts!
    and Love everything you love about them! Our girls seem very similar!! We have to plan a time to meet, we are less than 2 hours away!

  2. to cute!! Raya looks like she really loves that candy necklace. Happy Valentine's Day

  3. Great pics!!! It's OK Brielle, Grama Donna has plenty of stuff over here for you on thursday, you won't have to carry around empty wrappers!!!!!!! Happy Valentines day to all!!!!
    Grama F

  4. Oh my gosh, so stinking cute! I had to laugh at Raya eating her candy necklace. She seems like the type of kid that would just make you smile/laugh all day long. We don't do much for Valentine's Day either...feel the same way as you. I was happy with my little tub of chocolate ice cream :)

  5. They look so cute in their V-day clothes! I love that last shot of Brielle, holding the sign with that look of, "FINE, Mom." It happens too fast. :)


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