Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rest in Peace Dear Friend


Do you notice anything missing?

Brielle's beloved  monkey paci died  today :-( I was getting her in the carseat and noticed the paci  had fallen under  her butt. When I went to pull  it out from under her the paci detached from sock monkey. There is really no way to reattache it so it's pretty much the end  of an era!

It was so pitiful too.  The whole car ride home Brielle had the paci part in her  mouth and was just holding on to  the monkey staring at him. She  couldn't figure out what  was going on! Then later when she got upset she went to grab the monkey  paci and instead just  got the monkey....and was desperately trying to suck on his  now empty nose. I'm hoping we can get away with back up lion paci and have her  just hold the monkey toy ....we'll see. I may be  placing an overnight online order for a  monkey wubanub :-P

Here was Brielle carrying around her "dead" friend this morning...

Just not the same without the attached monkey!
So as an "In Memory" post today I  thought I'd dig up some pictures over the last year of Brielle and her  dear friend :-) She got monkey paci when she was a couple months old.

This is the very first picture I have of her and monkey paci

Even  though monkey  paci  is almost always with her, I actually don't have *that* many pictures  of them together because I usually take it away from her  before photoshoots lol. But here are a few I found to share---

"I love and miss you monkey paci! Love, Brielle"

"Don't worry, dear friend....you will always know that even though I have lion paci as backup, it will never  be the same! You are irreplaceable. XOXO"

Looks  like I'm stuck  with you now, lion paci! Perhaps I can learn to love  you too.


  1. aww poor Monkey paci. hopefully she doesn't get to upset without it!

  2. Sorry, Brielle, but this made me laugh! She is just so cute! I hope she can manage with the lion!

  3. I want to pay for a new monkey paci, place the order ASAP!!!!! This is just tooooo sad!!! I am not kidding! I want one one it's way by morning!!! I'm going to help you Brielle, Gramas going to save you!!!!!!
    Grama F

  4. I see monkey was in on the whole stealing Ryan's reindeer hat. I vote for the lion!

  5. Long time reader but i just have never commented till now. I feel so sorry for poor Brielle especially the part where you said she was sucking on the monkey nose. Hopefully she will be able to transiton to the lion paci. Just have to say your two girls are adorable, thank you for sharing their stories. I also have two girls 4 and half and a 2 and half year old. Challenging at times but so worth it as i'm sure you will agree. I promise to comment more.

    Asha Dubai

    1. Nice to "meet" you! Thanks for commenting :-)

  6. So far so good everyone---she slept fine last night with lion paci, and just clutching monkey toy in her hands LOL. Although this morning she did get confused again and try to suck on monkey's nose!

  7. Awe!! Poor Breille! Poor monkey! Glad you have a lion for a backup! :)

  8. Oh no, Brielle! Poor girl. Hopefully she'll adjust alright, and it sounds like Grama is on it!

    Also, and sort of related- Walmart has cute Easter sock-monkey bunnies! I saw it and thought of Brielle!

    1. Thanks for the heads up----she definitely needs one I think! :-)


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