Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tantrum progression

Raya is at that age where tantrums are constant. The funny thing with her though is that her tantrums are so half-hearted haha. It's like she knows she's being ridiculous, but she just has to try anyways.

Well  normally she lays down for a nap without a problem, but today when I came back from laying Brielle  down I couldn't find Raya. After some looking I found her hiding under the dining room table

When I found  her I tried to get her to come out and she  gave me "the hand"

Please excuse the photo quality of all these pictures---my camera settings are all messed up and I haven't
had time to fix them haha

Then, typical  to her normal tantrums, she starts to think it's funny...

But  then when  she realizes that  this "tantrum" game *will* be ending in a nap, she gets mad again haha

She gives being sweet and funny one last shot....

And then Mama's "stern voice" comes out and  Raya starts her fake crying

Then it's  time for her  signature tantrum move----hitting the air and making the "uh! Uh! UH!" noise with every swat :-P 

And then the big finale---the thing that ends  every tantrum because we send her to timeout lol. .....throwing toys! I  don't  mind her fake crying, hitting the air, etc....but when she throws a toy it's all over for her and she knows it. Here  is the look she gives us immediately after throwing the toy---it's the look that  says "yeah, I did it....whatcha gonna do about it?"

So there you have it. She's cute and lovable  (most  of the time) but  2 year  olds and tantrums are  like PB & J....they just  go hand in hand!

I blame evolution for her big  brown eyes. Certainly those things saved toddlers in the caveman days from being fed to the lions by their worn out mothers! ;-)


  1. haha we know that all to well around our house!! Kaylee's tantrums are ridiculous!! Hoping that 3 is better than 2

  2. I've been there! Thankfully Graham is pretty mellow, but Cael gave us a run for our money. Maybe toy-throwing will be the retaliation of the "thrilling threes"!

  3. It is soooo true, that is exactly the steps she goes through!!!!! All I need to say is well I guess you need a time out and she straightens right up!


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