Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday with some weirdos!

Like my title? haha. Well see for yourself....I *did* spend my day with some WEIRDOS! :-P

At least Harper (who did no biting today!!) and Brielle were here to balance out some of the crazy :-P

Her hair is getting a little out of control I think!!!!

Today I  did  a rough draft of our soon to be new daily schedule (see my last post if you have no idea what I'm talking about haha) ....but  do you know what even the most details  and thought out  schedule *can't* eliminate? The chaos that  4 children ages 3 and under can cause in your home:

Oh well..ya win some, ya lose some! ;-)

We did work  in some craft time this morning. First we colored hearts to hang on the window with our snowflakes...

Harper stopped morning naps so she will now be joining us for craft time!

And then we did a thumbprint valentine's day project that was inspired by Pinterest...

I enjoyed making the faces on their little thumbprints! haha. The thumbprints are not uniform
because it's hard to keep little thumbs from sliding around on the paper!

Sawyer dictated to me what he loved

And Raya's :-)  (whenever I asked her "why?" she loved something she said "'cuz")  LOL
I had to laugh this afternoon when I looked  up to see that Raya  had tucked in her dolls and was jus sitting there with them hehe

Lastly, I haven't  shared any pictures of my *other* nephew in sad that they live so far away! But I snatched  a couple recent pics to share today hehe...he was baptized on Sunday and so here he is wearing his gown (which was his mom's) and then also he did  a wardrobe change into  one of the new tie onesies I sent him as a gift (I thought he probably could make use of some new "church clothes" :-)  Can you believe how big he's gotten?! Such a stud! I made him size 6 month onesies thinking they'd be huge right now, but he's filling them out just fine I think! Kisses to baby Ryan from all of us!!

click to enlarge


  1. I tell ya what if that Sawyer isn't an actor someday I will be shocked!!!!! I love how Raya looks at him and tries to copy him!!!! She just adores him. Love the craft!!! Way to go Harper, no biting!!!!
    Grama F

  2. Loving those little thumb print hearts - we might have to try something like that too!

  3. Rayas outfit is soooo cute!
    and I am definitely going to do some pinterest inspired crafts this weekend too!!

  4. Sawyer had a lot of fun making his thumbprint heart! He also was thankful not to have to eat cheap chicken nuggets. :)


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