Monday, March 19, 2012

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

So this past  weekend Lee was at an out of state wedding for a fraternity brother (I chose not to go because I didn't know the guy at all) and Lee's parents took  Raya for the weekend (since the  wedding was back near Lee's parents). So then I let my parents  Have Brielle for the weekend so that  I could have  a weekend off! And  let me tell  ya, it's true that absence makes the heart grow fonder, because when the girls came back yesterday  afternoon I had a renewed tolerance  for their  antics and they seemed cute again, rather than evil and plotting to ruin me ;-)

So today  we continued the love fest by playing in Raya's  room---a favorite activity because they love getting out all the kidcraft play kitchen stuff.

I  guess overall the girls were very good  while at the grandparents' houses. Brielle got raving reviews and the threat of permanant adoption by my parents haha....and Raya had fun I  guess  going to the farm store with Grandma H. to see the baby chicks and Grandma H. also brought out some games and books that  had been Lee's when he was little. She did *not* get raving reviews though at church lol.  Grandma H. tried taking her  to church and I guess even with snack and books Raya through one hell of a tantrum and was screaming that  she wanted to go home, so after 15 minutes Grandma gave up and took  her home :-P Their church  is small and  doesn't  have a cry room or anything. In Raya's defense church *is* awfully  boring haha....but  I'm surprised that Grandma couldn't feed her  enough snacks to keep her  good. Guess  I better  make Raya say some our fathers and hail marys or something now!

Isn't Raya's outfit just too cool? I didn't get any real good pics, but it's great just believe me ;-) We only have a couple
days of warm weather left before temps return to normal I think,
so we're making the most of our summer outfits while we can!
We had planned to run errands this morning and hit the park, but Lee accidentally still had Raya's carseat in his car, so he's coming home over lunch today and then we'll to our activities this afternoon instead I guess!

To end, here are adorable pictures of brielle, who was being much more cooperative for pictures than Raya today ....enjoy!

I think puppy paci  has become the new fav!

Eating a cookie

Being silly

How can you resist this face?!

Baby Blues

This makes me laugh...the fan was blowing her hair back lol

This is the outfit the hat from yesterday actually goes with. The dress is covered in little's so cute!

Running away from me

She loves the tunnel!
Happy Monday everyone :-)


  1. I love Brielle's bright outfit, so fitting for spring. I wish the warm weather would return here! What a nice little break you got this weekend.

  2. Brielle looks sooooo cute in that outfit!!! I want that outfit the next time I take her somewhere!!!!!
    Grama F

  3. Where is that outfit from?!?! It is the most adorable thing I've ever see... And your girls are always fashionistas but that outfit tops it!!

    1. Thanks! It's from Crazy was actually on sale already so I'd check online and get it before it's gone! :-)

  4. Shawna- For some reason my computer hasn't been letting me comment on your blog lately.. it just thinks and thinks! Ugh!

    I love those shots of Brielle in the tunnel. What a pretty girl she is... and those eyes!

    1. Weird! I guess we're even then because a lot of times your blog thinks I'm a "bot" and I can't for the life of me type in the secret codes correctly when I comment LOL

      Thanks...I love the tunnel ones too! :-)


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