Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chuck E Cheese

Today my mom and I took  all the grandkids to Chuck E Cheese! It was Raya's first time going and I think she was impressed lol. We rode many rides, played games and earned as many tickets as a couple toddlers can earn, and in the end Sawyer and Raya each cashed in big for a pack of sweet tarts, a plastic top, and a plastic frog--big winners! Raya is so excited to tell her Daddy all about it when he gets home...she is predicting he will be quite  impressed with her  winnings ;-)

Enjoy our pictures from the day!! (And sorry about the bad pics---I didn't  want to take  my good camera so I took my shitty one ;-P

Waiting for pizza!

She  was very impressed with my straw haha

holding hands

Miss drama queen suddenly decided that pizza would make her puke and she'd gag after every bite lol. She eventually ate it.

I thought  she'd love Barney....she was terrified

This  was went up high in the air!

You try taking pictures of 4 toddlers and see how easy it is! ;-)

My mom and I were dying laughing. My big butt Raya couldn't climb this so Sawyer would lift her  butt up for each step to help her  to the top so she could go down the slide LOL

Brielle was super excited!

Check out the dance moves hehe
Brielle was a dancing machine!

How stinkin' cute is that?!

Picking out prizes

Their frogs and plastic tops hehe

It was a great day with my girls! Thanks for the fun Grandma!!

In other news, I want to do a thirty-one shout out! First, Amy at Mrs. Mommy sells thirty-one and you may remember when  I won a giveaway from her for a large utility tote---I love it! The other day I had to break down and get another one because toys and books were taking over the living room now we have one for toys and one for books....and they are awesome because they are so big and they have sturdy straps so that you can carry them around to different rooms.

Be sure to join Amy's facebook page in order to stay on top of special sales and giveaways, or if you want to start selling thirty-one yourself!

And also, another blogger friend of mine, Briana from School in Our Slippers , recently did  a fun contest and I  won! I got this nifty new thirty-one wallet, and it's great for me because  I often hate carrying a purse around so I can just grab this cute wallet and go :-) Thanks Briana!

Be sure  to join Briana's facebook page  too!  She also does sales and giveaways or could start selling thirty-one yourself :-)

If I didn't think Lee would kill  me I'd organize my entire house with thirty-one hehe.

Switching gears, my girls were in the local newspaper this week! Not the greatest picture, but out of all  the kids at the park my girls got this giant picture in the paper, and only one tiny picture of another girl made clearly my girls must have been the cutest, even if uncooperative and squinting in the sun lol

And lastly, this picture  was from awhile ago but it's been stuck  on my old camera until  now. It w as so funny, because Raya said "I give Brielle more goldfish Mama!" and I looked up to see that, oh my yes, she sure had given Brielle some more  goldfish crackers!!!

Have a great  day everyone!


  1. a few things... I LOVE chuck e cheese. The end. :)

    thats so cool that she was in the paper!

    and I sell ThirtyOne too! (next time buy from me bc you love me the most :)


    1. hehe...I will have to spread the love around next time! Or ya know, next time rig it so I win something from you and you'll get a shout out too LOL ;-)

  2. I haven't been to chicly e cheese since I was little. Haha. Looks like they had fun fun fun! That mini purse wallet is cute

  3. looks like the kiddos had fun :) and that last picture of the goldfish is hilarious lol

  4. Funny, funny pics, that one of Sawyer pushing miss Raya up the step will be a great graduation pic!!! Also love the one where raya is pretending to puke with the pizza. the last one with the gold fish is great too, love Raya looking down at the ones falling one the floor!!! Had a great day with all my favorite people!!!!
    Grama F

  5. What a fun day! Cute pictures. I love Brielle dancing. Kyla loves to dance too, but she just moves her arms around. Thanks for the shout out :)

    I hadn't actually thought of Mall of America, but I think that's a great idea! We'll see what Tyler thinks, haha. We actually went there just the two of us when we were dating and had a good time. It was all we could afford for spring break in college :) I was also thinking maybe Door County. I just really want a few days out of this house and I realize that won't be happening for awhile after the baby comes so now is as good of a time as any.

  6. I think it is hilarious that Raya just decided that the pizza was going to make her puke! Her face tells SO much!!!!

    And how sweet of Raya to be so generous with the gold fish - haha!!! :)

  7. How cool that she was in the paper! I'm gonna go check it out now!

  8. LOVE the goldfish pic! Ah, big sister love.


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