Monday, March 5, 2012

A collection of thoughts

1) I just realized that  yesterday was my 500th blog post. Guess  I should have posted something more  exciting lol.

2) Brielle is almost 14 months old....and I've yet to take her 12 month sock monkey photos haha. Oops.

3) While listening to The Little Mermaid play in the van on our trip into town today I found myself thinking, "this movie would have gone a lot differently if Ariel had  just written the Prince a note"  :-P

4) Yesterday I had  8 Etsy orders. In somewhat of a panic I then increased my turnaround time to 3 weeks, thinking many people wouldn't want to wait that  long and it'd give me a chance to catch up, etc. I was doing OK at first today with only 2 orders (although one was a complete outfit) and then tonight I got an order for 6 shirts from my boutique at the mall. Guess 8 is my lucky  number  right now haha.

4a) Wouldn't it be aweomse if my sales continued to grow at a pace that  made it so I never had to return to a "real  job"?  Yeah, I'm starting to dream about that lol.

5) If you ask Brielle, "who's your favorite?" she always replies "Da Da"....she knows exactly what she's saying too. The whole time she says Da Da though you can hear Raya in the background saying "No, MAMA IS MY FAVORITE!"  ....and then Lee gets into an argument with her about how he doesn't care if Mama is *her* favorite because he is *Brielle's* favorite LOL.

6) Raya's  current obsession is watching Little Einsteins. I must  say it's a welcome break from Caillou.

7) Here are 2 random pictures of the girls from this time  last year  (since I didn't take any today :-P)

8) Please don't  ever  name your child Charlotte. Seriously, I cringe every time I get an order with that  name, because it's like the  never ending name from hell to sew on a shirt haha. I almost thought  about having a clause that says "if your child is named Charlotte please add $5 to the cost of your shirt".....not sure that would fly though lol

9) It's supposed to be  unseasonably warm tomorrow around her....must run a couple errands but then thinking a trip to the park might be in order, if I can find one that's not too muddy!

10) Lee's new 3D tv is awesome. You can switch it to 3d to watch any normal show on TV in 3D (american idol in 3D anyone? hehe), but he also bought a couple real 3D movies (smurfs and something else) and I had my first 3D experience the other day. Super fun! Althought I don't think I could ever watch an entire movie in 3D....I start to get a headache after about 15 minutes ;-)

11) I  think  Raya needs  this shirt when she starts preschool:

If  I ever have a 3rd girl I'm definitely getting this adorable  print for their bathroom:

This would  be the perfect wall  art for our laundry room:

12) Raya was just  flinging her sippy cup water at me and  I  tried to take it away from her  but she yanked it back from me. I decided to ignore her and now she's saying "I PULLED my cup back out of your hand! I PUUUUULLLLLLED it back!"....Essentially the little shit is taunting me. I think it's time for this update to be done, and for the little Diva to go to bed....who's got the last laugh now Miss Raya? ;-)


  1. Love the print of the 3 little girls!!!! Laundry room print was made for you! I can just hear Raya telling you she pulled the cup away from you, you better watch that one!!!
    Grama F

  2. Kaylee might need that preschool diva shirt too.
    That's great that your shop is doing so well, good job

  3. That is awesome that your shop is going so well! You go, girl! And I think Kennedy definitely needs the preschool diva shirt! She is a diva through & through!

  4. You might need to add "Elizabeth" to that list! We are also looking for a park to visit later today too. I'm thinking I might just go to a little park here in town (Bryant Park) since I am expecting that Davis Park will be teeming with children. We should have timed this out to meet somewhere!


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