Friday, March 16, 2012

Fashion Friday-- Denim Divas!

So  for today's Fashion Friday we're going to celebrate denim! Especially denim dresses :-) I LOVE denim dresses. For one, they are classic and timeless. Also you can easily wear them year round by either layering them, or not....and you can dress them up, dress them down, pair them with bright bold prints or keep the look simple and classic. So many possibilities! I think every little girl NEEDS a denim dress in their wardrobe.

Check out my cutie patooties from yesterday, sporting their denim looks!

First up, Brielle in a Baby Gap denim dress that Harper is letting her borrow because Harper outgrew it. So cute! Early in the day when it was cooler I paired  it with bright polkadot tights (the Gap ones with  the bear on the butt---those are the cutest, don't you agree?!)  and then we  lost the tights when it got hot.

Raya was sporting a dark  denim jumper paired with a bright shirt and leggings from Target. (She was not  feeling like  taking  pictures, as you can tell)

Want to pick  up your own denim for this summer? Well I've  scoped out some cute denim looks for you all :-)

This denim dress from the Gap is super cute for summer.

I am loving this denim romper from Children's place.

Old Navy has  tons of cute and  affordable denim right now, like this ruffle dress  or this ruffle denim jumper or this denim looking funky ruffle romper

And for boys, well frankly they mostly just  have denim pants haha. Boooooring ;-) But I did find this denim western shirt at Old Navy, that if we ever had a boy I'm sure Lee would love haha.

And now we'll  end with some more  pictures  of the girls in their  denim! Here is Raya attempting to put the dress on "by myself!"

And here is Brielle throwing a hissy fit tantrum, while wearing her denim ;-)  (She's  feeling much better now by the way....this was just a full blown tantrum for no  reason!)

The look

And finally, playing outside  in this gorgeous weather we continue to was 79 degrees yesterday!

I think we might  also get Raya a new  bike for her birthday....all she has  in this garage sale hand-me-down boy  bike
that my parents picked up way back  when. She's really  into riding bikes now and needs her own I think!

Sprinting down the driveway for the road...her favorite activity lol
And to end, some pictures of Brielle in her  big  sunhat hehe.

Running away from me....she's such a stinker!

Have a great weekend everyone! I"m going to take the weekend off from blogging so I'll be back  on Monday--this is my last weekend with tons of etsy orders to complete, and I also hope to squeeze a little shopping in as well ;-) Later!


  1. I love denim, I want to get the girls denim jackets. Raya's dress is to cute.

    Have a good weekend

  2. That sunhat is so stinkin' cute!

    Enjoy your weekend blog-free! Hope you get lots of sewing done! :)

  3. Brielle looks sooooo pretty in denim with her big blue eyes, tantrum or not!!!! I love Raya tring to dress herself!!!! She is going to be a handful, good thing she is soooooo darn cute!
    Grama F


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