Friday, March 9, 2012

Fashion Friday---Gymboree

Happy Fashion Friday everyone!!! Today I'm featuring Gymboree  (I  can't remember if I've featured Gymboree before lol....but anyways, we're doing it again if I did, because I love them so) ---how many of you guys shop Gymboree at least occassionally? Well I will be the first to tell you that they are insanely overpriced. I mean, it's outright highway robbery what they charge for their full price items!!! *But*, in case you didn't know, you can find some insane steals of deals if you know where to look.

For instance, check  out Miss Raya modeling her new patterned snail shirt for spring! Cute right?

Buttons in the back, pleating all around, so stinkin' cute!

I think I paid  about $5 for  it is  all! And the thing about Gymboree is that the quality of their items is superior to brands like Children's Place, Target, Old Navy, etc. So in that sense you do get what you pay for. I love buying Gymboree for my girls because I know that I can pass it down from Raya to Brielle and it will still look like new. It's tons thicker than other brands, doesn't fade like other brands, etc. The key is watching for sales and  pairing the sale with coupons. Most parenting magazines often have a 20% off coupon to gymboree in them, which you can use on top of store sales---and sometimes even catch the gymbucks  promo (where you earn $20 for every $50 you spend) which makes it even cheaper. The snail top I got when it was on super clearance and then used my coupon for 20% off and viola--cheaper than Target!

I will say that with Gymboree I have  a love it or hate it opinon thought because some of their clothing lines are a little corny, especially for older kids. I don't usually like their boy clothes for over about age 2 because they are pretty themed and sometimes goofy. I think girls can get away with the cutsey themes a little longer so I usually like the girl stuff up to size 5T. After size 5T it's really hit and miss, depending on how cutesy your older kids like to dress. Gap is much "cooler" for the big kids in my opinion.

Ok, so back to Gymboree :-) I am a HUGE fan of their  swimsuits. None  of that super thin stuff that  pills and is practically see through after one wash. Currently I'm obsessively in love with their  new ladybug swimsuit .....

We actually  own about 4 Gymboree swimsuits---here are a couple of my favs :-)

This one is TO DIE FOR---I really hope it's not  too big for Brielle  this summer! It was  pretty tight on Raya here, she wore it better the  year before

Last year this was a huge hit whenever we went to the pool--and the matching hats you can usually pick up for just a couple bucks on sale---I think I paid $1.29 for this one!

I also love their tulle skirts. They  have the effect of a tutu but are much softer and they wash up really  nice.

Their holiday  shirts are also always  adorable and high quality. Raya got  so much use  out of this pumpkin patch one---the brown tutu skirt was also gymboree!

Ebay  is  an awesome place to check  for Gymboree items. We've gotten many many dresses on ebay from Gymbo, and they always look brand new, even used, because like  I said they wash up so well!

Here was a big girls tank that I bought on super clearance last  year...Raya was just wearing it as a dress u ntil she grows into it. Something like this is the type of thing that  I *do* like of Gymboree's for the big  girls. Not babyish.

So there ya go---Gymboree *can* be affordable! Definitely keep your eye out for deals :-)

And  lastly, today I was watching Harper and Sawyer because my brother is putting flooring in at their  house.....Brielle is sick and going to the doctor later (seriously I  can't catch a break with her!) and so in an attempt to keep everyone happy this morning I fed them all st patrick's day cookies lol

Happy Friday everyone!!


  1. We LOVE gymboree!! My theory on their sales is that they come out with new "lines" that all of the "with it" moms have to have right away. Once they are stale, the rest of us can pick them off while those mom's snark behind our backs that our kids are still wearing the "poodle collection" in late February. Because the poodle collection was SO early January.

    Our favorite things are the leggings with tulle on the bottom. I can't get over how adorable those are!!

    1. ha!! That's so true. I always think that when I buy something used on Ebay---the moms are probably horrified that some little girl will be running around in a line that is a whole *year* old! :-) I don't think I've seen the leggings with tulle---I need to look for those now!

  2. I like Gymboree but I agree they can be expensive. The girls have gotten Gymboree as gifts & they are great quality & cute. Love rayas outfit today

  3. That hat and suit on Brielle is ADORABLE!!!!!

  4. How is my poor little Brielle She looked so pathetic today. I love that you got a new camara, more pics for me!!!
    Grama F

  5. We are HUGE Gymboree fans! But I am with you, I will not pay full price for their stuff. It is ridiculously expensive. I always wait for sales and/or coupons! You've got a beautiful model showing off her Gymboree clothes! :)


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