Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fashion Friday (on Thursday :-)

It's only a few hours from Friday, and tomorrow I'm watching my neice and nephew again so I decided to just go ahead and do my Fashion Friday post a little early---enjoy! :-P

Today my mom came over and we spent a lot of the day in town, so the girls got to wear some more of their new clothes. Brielle was wearing this little outfit from Crazy 8

The cute birdie dress, leggings, and ruffle hat that she wore a couple days ago was also from Crazy 8---so they are my Fashion Friday special today! ;-) If you are unfamiliar with Crazy 8, they are owned by the  same chain as Gymboree. Basically Janie and Jack is the expensive brand of the whole franchise, then Gymboree is middle or the row, and Crazy 8 is the budget friendly store in the group. There are many  times I think Crazy 8 has cuter stuff than Gymboree, so really it's a great option! I  would say that in general some of their stuff isn't quite as high quality as Gymboree, but it's definitely as good as Target and Children's Place, etc.

Here  is one of my favorite  infant  girl looks  they have  right  now---Bumblebee!

Here is one of my favorite infant  boy looks-- Mister Plaid

Here  is a super cute toddler girl look-- Birdie jacket

And a toddler boy look -- Preppy

So go check  out Crazy 8! And always  be on the look out for coupons. When I shopped there last I bought their sale items, and used a 25% off coupon on top of it, making everything very cheap!

And as a is Raya in Carters....I really wanted this  dress for Brielle (in the blue) but the smallest they came was size we did it for Raya instead and Brielle can get the hand me down lol

To end, here are some cute pictures of Grandma with the girls this afternoon.


Goofy smile

The goofy smile is genetic :-P

Happy (early) Friday! :-)


  1. What cute pics of your mom with the girls! And I love the lip gloss! :)

  2. I read a lot that yo dont see a lot of yourself in your girls sometimes. but i just wanted to tell you that if you count the very last pic as number 1 and go up to number 6 is has ur mom and both girls but brielle isnt really smiling but raya is, i see you clearly in raya in that picture.

    1. Actually as the girls get older I do see myself more and more! I still think they favor Lee's side, but I'm also seeing me too---I agree! :-)

  3. We had alot of fun today!!! Just got home from Emilys, ready for bed!!!!
    Grama F


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