Sunday, March 18, 2012

I love swimwear

First off, I lied...I  couldn't go the entire weekend without updating haha.

Secondly, I am so sad for all  the boy moms.....I mean, what fun do you get to have when shopping for swimwear?! Should you get board shorts, board shorts, or board shorts? I don't think many moms spice it up with a speedo do they? lol.

But for girls, my oh my....swimwear for girls is insanely awesome!! And awhile  back I saw the perfect bikini for Brielle at Children's place. Finally this weekend I broke down and bought it, along with some accessories haha....because I knew I'd be devestated if it sold out before I bought it! And I'm so glad I did, because this suit was made for Brielle's baby blues, don't you think?!

Shoes and sunglasses also  from Children's Place...sunhat from Crazy 8

Unfortunately  she's not really a fan of the sunglasses --hopefully she comes around by summer time ;-)

I tricked Raya  into thinking her  swimsuit  from last year was brand new haha

Ok, no more glasses then

I also went  summer clothes  shopping for Brielle in the bins of Raya's old clothes, which is always fun. Pulled out this Gymboree  suit that Raya never wore much...should fit Brielle well this year!

I'm so excited b/c there is a free baby pool in my hometown right at the park so we plan to go there all the time this summer. There are also lots of free splash pads in the city about 15 minutes away. Last year  we didn't swim much because Brielle was too little to wear sunscreen for the first half of the summer and there were no free places to go at all, and I hated paying to go someplace when Raya's attention span was about 1 hour. So this  year  I think  we'll  definitely make use of multiple  suits!

And  although I didn't buy Raya  a new suit, I did get her some sunglasses too....the apple ones from Children's Place that I've been eyeing. For $3 I figure hey, why not? :-)

And here are some pictures of Raya and Grandma chewing gum.  Recently Grandma taught Raya how to chew gum and not  swallow Raya is a gum addict now haha.

They weren't swapping gum haha...just each sticking theirs out of their mouth :-P
And to end, here is Miss Brielle looking adorable

Hope everyone had a great weekend--bring on another week!


  1. That Raya cracks me up, she wanted a new suit and hat just like Brielle!!! She is so proud of herself now that she can chew gum like Sawyer!!!
    Dad and I miss our pretty little Brielle already, she was such a good baby!!!
    Grama F

  2. So cute! I need to go shopping again (just went today) and get a new suit. I do have a couple of Gianna's hand-me-downs. I might have to go to Children's Place and see if they have that blue one. I love Kyla in blue too :)

    Kyla got a new pair of shades too and won't keep them on. Love the apple shades Raya!

    1. You should get her the blue one too! Warning though, Brielle is petite and I got her the size 3T...they run small! Hers is a little big but I think the smaller 18-24 month would have been too small and they don't carry size 2T. So Kyla would for sure want the 3T I think since she's bigger than Brielle :-)

  3. Both swim suits are SOOOO cute! Gracie has like 4 already, haha. And I am really wanting to buy her a monogrammed seersucker one. I am a sucker for a baby bathing suit, haha

    1. Ha! Glad I'm not the only one ;-)

  4. loving their suits. I think I need to go get the girls some new suits or just Kaylee cause Keira gets Kaylees hand me downs. Keira will leave glasses on for like .5 seconds before taking them off! I like Raya's apple ones. I need to get Kaylee a new pair.


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