Friday, March 23, 2012

I love please go away

My brother is gone and normally watches his kids  on Fridays, so today I have them instead. It's the third day in a row they've all been together and I think everyone is starting to get sick  of eachother haha. Raya loves Sawyer, but they've started to bicker  a lot today, and Brielle's new thing is squealing in pain whenever Harper gets near her haha...I think she just fears that Harper might take a toy or steal a spot or look  at her funny :-P

So needless to say T.G.I.F!!!!

Let's start today with an adorable picture of Brielle, paci  hoarding hehe. The puppy paci is quickly  becoming her  new favorite, and I love this picture of her---showing the pure joy those pacis bring :-)

Isn't  her  outfit  cute too? I'd been lusting over the play  outfits from Hana Andersson....but they are like $50. And really all I loved about them was the contrasting stripes of the dress and leggings, so I created this outfit  on my own for about $10....and I love it! Top is Carter's, leggings are Target. The white eyelet is actually attached to the  top.

She  had awesome bedhead today LOL
Harper was looking cute today too! She is wearing the same leggings as Brielle, different pattern. Raya actually has some just like Harpers. Harper's outfit  is all from the mix and match section at Target. When my mom and I were shopping  one day she said she'd get my girls and Harper some of the mix and match stuff, so I picked this outfit out for Harper and she looks so cute, don't  you think? :-)

Aunt Shawna, why do you always give  me hair  pretties?

It's dreary and cloudy  here  today....excuse all the poor lighting pictures
Today for our fun activitiy we did the little  capsules that you put  in water  and the  foam animals come out. Sawyer  had  never done them  before he said, and man was he pumped about them!

I told them to pose cute with the animals  they got---this wasn't  exactly what  I had in mind LOL
Funniest thing of the day....I  turn around this morning and see this:

Harper  is  always  hungry, and  had  spotted  the leftover granola bar on Raya's  plate at the apparently  she got herself  up in the chair and  helped herself! This is the look she gave me when I asked what she was doing haha. You should have seen Raya when she "caught" Harper....Raya was absolutely horrified at what had taken place!
And now just a few more random pics from our morning...because I  can :-)

Raya  is all about pictures when  she sees someone *else* getting them taken haha. Had to squeeze her butt right on in with Harper hehe.


This is the now daily "what mom?" look I get

Sawyer's  ne w go-to pose haha

She  chases me like  this when I steal her  pacis haha

Give it back  mom....I'm adorable!

I am constantly amazed by this child's adorableness should be illegal  to be this cute! :-)


  1. I love Brielle's outfit! Savanna has something similar! Well, a lot of things similar actually because I am shamelessly obsessed with navy stripes.

    And she is TOO adorable!!

    1. Seriously, I own about 3 navy stripe shirts for myself! I'm obsessed too :-)

  2. I love the white trim attached to Brielle's shirt. How cute are they, seriously? I wish there were such cute options for boys outside of your shop!!

    On a side note, how much does Sawyer look like John with his hair cut short? Every time I see him I think about it!

    1. Thanks! I know, I'm wishing I had gotten that shirt in Raya's size the time I didn't even realize it would look so cute with those pants! Boys definitely get shorted on the clothing options. Maybe you can talk your boys into a little white eyelet trim? ;-)

      He does look like John! Harper is more of a mix, but Sawyer looks almost all john to me.

  3. I am in love with stuff from Hanna Andersson too! The only thing I have ever purchased for Emma was a dress from there. Actually my mom purchased it because I refused to pay the 90 something dollars it was. We used the dress as a flower girl dress and it was absolutely adorable! I have bought a few things from Hanna Andersson on ebay though for pretty darn cheap! Always worth looking there! =) Your girls are so cute! I love the outfit that Brielle is wearing, good choice in contrasting stripes! Love it!!!! =)

    1. Thanks! I've been checking ebay for the play outfits I wanted, but I couldn't find any good ones that weren't being bid way up :-( I have good luck scoring gymbo and gap on ebay though!

  4. I love Sawyers expressions with the water animals!!!! Love Brielles outfit, Harper looks soooo cute with a hair pretty!
    Grama F

  5. I love those pacis! Where did you get those??

    Oh, and Raya's shirt is adorable!!!


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