Tuesday, March 13, 2012

L. A. D.

Have  *you* ever had a bad  case of L. A. D.???? Yeah, well  that's what  I've been diagnosed with....in case you are unfamiliar with the diagnosis it stands for Long  Ass Day(s)! Seriously  people, this  house could basically serve as birth control for all  of Iowa right now :-P

I took Brielle *back* to the doctor today, discovered  she has an ear infection in her right ear now, in addition to the left  ear from Friday, the medicine caused  her to break out in an allergic rash all over her body, etc.....that would explain the incessant crying for 4 days straight. Oy. Now she's doing a new medicine, prednisone for the  rash, and Mama needs a margarita or something lol. Or maybe just a vacation!

Due to my bad cacse of L. A. D. this will be the extent of today's update. Alas my brain cannot function for anything more interesting then this.

Here are some pictures from birth control central...enjoy

Sick baby---with her  latest puppy wubanub paci  from my friend Amanda...her boys never used
it so she gave it to us!
Don't let these smiles fool you---she's been a very unhappy baby! (And the rash  doesn't really show up in the pics, but it's a red blotchy rash all over her face, stomach, back, neck, etc.)

This  morning we had a tiny window of happiness and decided to play blocks downstairs...

The other day we painted Raya's tootsies

Am I the only  mom who gets creeped out when  walking around my house and suddenly stumbling across an elaborate (and very weird) staged scene? This morning I found a naked  caillou sunbathing on an oversized monkey pillow  in my entry way....

During Brielle's  nap this morning I attempted a nice photoshoot with Raya, because I was in photoshoot  withdrawal with my new camera, but clearly Raya's idea of a "nice photoshoot for Mama" was very different than mine. I gave up after one picture

So we did some painting with our new glitter paint instead :-)

And now since  it's  gorgeous outside (don't  even need a coat!) we are going to attempt the sandbox  for however long Brielle will last. Wish us luck!! I had planned to take the girls somewhere really fun today like the Children's Museum or a new park, but  since Brielle is covered in a rash that makes her look like a leper I  decided we better  avoid situations where we'd send other  mother's running with their children haha.

Hope you're  enjoying *your* Tuesday!


  1. With the time change it seems like the days are going by much slower. Keira woke up on the wrong side of her crib this morning, she's been grumpy & whiny all morning (I think bottom molars are about to pop through)

  2. You crack me up girlfriend!!! Sorry you are having a rough day... seems like the trend with toddlers these days! Mine are testing my patience alot lately!! and the sickies??? ugh. Hope your week gets better!

  3. I'm loving the new blog design! Hello Spring!!

    Sorry you had such a rough morning. The day can only get better, right? (Hopefully!)

  4. Poor little Brielle, she has had a rough winter, hopefully these warm days and fresh air will help!
    Grama F

  5. Aww, poor Brielle! I hope she feels better and tomorrow isn't such a LAD :) Love that acronym by the way, haha.

  6. Sorry that you have a sick one! :( I was trying to figure out what LAD stood for! :)

    Love the new blog background! :)

  7. I totally sympathize about walking in on a suspicious scene. I am frequently interrupting dinosaur surgeries and CIA interrogations. Sometimes I wonder if that kid is really human!


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