Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Today looked a little something like this around here:

1) Brielle is still  sick and very fussy
2) I worked on finishing up the 7 Easter shirts I had to make this weekend. 
3) Lee took the girls outside to play in the sandbox, Raya's  latest obsession.
4) I gave Raya a haircut (and Brielle had about 4 hairs trimmed too!)
5) Lee took puppy glamour shots.
6) Brielle  ate her first sucker.
7) The girls were Divas.
8) We played bubbles.
9) I closed my Etsy shop for about 1 month--have 3 weeks of orders to catch up on (46 orders to be exact--gasp) and then taking at least 1 week off to do nothing sewing related!
10) My  thoughtful husband brought home girl scout cookies, which I ate many of today!

....and here is some picture proof of our day---enjoy!

Trying to  smile  even though she  feels bad
Then we played some bubbles....

She likes to catch bubbles  on her tongue!

This picture prompted me to cut her  hair!
So as you may know, I've cut Raya's hair twice before. She tends to look good in a short bob haircut. Well  Lee thought maybe now that she's older and it's getting close to summer that we should grow it out a little, so she can put it up and stuff. But the above look is way too wild and unkempt for me! So I did a time today. Basically took off maybe an inch of length and then added a bunch of layers so that it flips out in back and looks a little more tame and "styled."

Here she was in preparation...

Looking apprehensive about what's to come!

ANd the end result!! (I couldn't get any real good pictures, but you can kinda tell how it's more styled and flips out in the back  now. She was enjoying her sucker reward for sitting still :-P)

The part that really cracked  me  up was that after I cut *Sawyer's* hair a couple weeks ago Sawyer kept saying "now I don't have to comb it anymore because it's so short!"  ....and so after I cut Raya's hair guess what she excitedly exclaimed? Yep! She said "Mama, now I don't have to comb it anymore because  it's short!"  haha...sorry Raya, it's not *that* short! Then she wanted to look in the mirror, just like Sawyer did. Sawyer's  haircut was a drastic change, and when he saw himself he said  "I look silly!" what did Raya say when she saw herself in the mirror? Yep....she said "I look so silly Mama!"  LOL....such a copycat ;-)

Here is Brielle enjoying *her* sucker---her  first ever!

You can kinda  see how I  trimmed her bangs---ever so slightly! haha
And in case you start to think  Brielle was a happy girl  today, alas here was how she looked most of the day

And here are some pictures Lee took himself over the  last two  days----

Gunner was scared to walk  on the  rocks it seems!

Griffin was frolicking---and so were his floppy ears! :-)

Raya would have spent the entire weekend in the sandbox if we had let her!

Leave it  to Lee to take Gunner  glamour shots, when we have  two adorable daughters to photograph lol
....although these two of Gunner eating a stick *did* make me laugh!

Have a great week everyone!!!!!


  1. Great pics, Rayas hair looks really cute, she just keeps looking older everyday!!! I can tell you trimmed Brielles bangs, looks good! I have to admit thsoe pics of Gunner and Griffin are great!
    Hopefully Brielle will be feeling better tomorrow!!! I had to laugh, Raya is all dressed up including her pink vest and shoes to play in the sand box!!!!

    Love, Grama F

  2. Oh, poor Brielle! She just looks so sad in some of those pictures. I hope she gets to feeling better soon! Super cute pictures of your hubby & the girls!

    And girl, you are so talented! You have an Etsy shop AND cut hair?! I cannot do either! Ha! So jealous!

  3. You cut the girls' hair? I want to be able to do that, only because right now Joe's grandma (who is coming today to do this) cuts the girls hair. Now that we will be moving, she won't be able to. I have thought about the fact that I will now have to find someone and that stinks, because in my personal opinion, it costs too much for the small amount my girls get cut off! :)

    Great pictures of your weekend!

    1. Yes, I'm not professionally trained or anything, but I can cut a straight line and then I know how to add layers. Anything more complicated and I probably couldn't do it lol :-) For Raya I always just cut the entire thing to the length I want, and then I go around and add a bunch of layers. It's pretty forgiving.


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