Sunday, March 4, 2012

Misc. musings

Saturday morning we had a playdate with  two  of my friends from high school and their kids. Fun times.

Saturday afternoon the inlaws came and Grandma H.  played with the girls while I worked on Etsy orders (which continue to flood in!)....they  stayed overnight and this morning the girls helped make muffins for us all to enjoy. After  Grandma and  Grandpa H.  left  Daddy was in charge of the girls while I worked on more Etsy....and then at 4pm I realized I hadn't  updated the blog all weekend and I better quick take some pictures so that no one thought we were dead :-P Needless to say my quick photoshoot  involved some crying, some goofying off, and a quick and sudden end....enjoy! ;-)

Pissed  off and looking a hot mess today :-P
Raya and I were being driven crazy by the crying....

Still  pissed and lookin'  a mess :-P

Maybe life  isn't  so horrible  after all


  1. Dad had just said that you hadn't updated all weekend, I think he was worried I was going to make him take me over to your house to check on you!!!!!
    I hope Brielle isn't getting sick again!!! Hope the girls enjoyed the other grandparents as much as they enjoyed the girls!!!
    Grama F

  2. Ohh....she is so sad! :( Love Raya plugging her ears - haha! :)


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