Saturday, March 10, 2012

New camera continued...

So this  morning has been pretty much photos 24-7 lol...I'm starting to figure out the camera a little better I think---still working on it!

Here is one of my fav pictures of the day so far

This one was  a close second---the diva  look

This  one I  figured out the portrait mode, so it blurred the background which turned out cool

And this  one blurred the background too.  A cute side profile :-) Poor Brielle is still  feeling crappy, so she didn't get many good  pics this morning.

And to end, just  a bunch of randoms...enjoy!

Death  glare

We had some cool light  coming in through the window

This picture has a lot wrong with it, but I like  it for some reason lol

Rock star

Being uncooperative, but  wearing a cute  outfit :-)

The god forsaken smile

Too sunny!!

Even when she tries to be happy you can still  see in her eyes that she's sick :-(


Eating a leaf!

My little owl  kept tripping

And now Daddy is home from work so Mama has to give up her new toy and go work in my sweatshop --boo! But thank you sweatshop, for purchasing my new toy--ha! :-)

Oh, and comment telling me which picture is your fav!!


  1. I like the two pictures of Raya, after the one where she's sitting on the rock.

    Once again, I am jealous. I WILL have an awesome camera... someday. :)

  2. I like the very first picture of Raya. Very cute!

  3. My favorite is the side pic of Raya looking at and holding the little branch!!!! Very cute pic!!!
    Grama F

  4. I love Raya's "diva look"! Those big eyes... what a sweetie!


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