Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Park Fun!!!! ....and help me choose my DSLR :-)

So today we had UNSEASONABLY warm weather. We're talking like 69 degrees...in Iowa. We're used to snow this time of year lol. So I loaded up the girls and we head to the park. (And now is when all of you stuck at a desk job start to send death glares at your computer screen....yes, be jealous, be very jealous :-)

So here was what "work" looked like for me today....enjoy!

We'll start with one of my favs from the day hehe

Now back to the beginning...we lined up at the door ready to head  out!

squeals of delight

Then we did some carseat pictures because frankly, Brielle doesn't usually leave hats on and this is one of our favs.

And then we made it to the park! I was schocked that  it was dead there---I mean, beautiful weather, where were all the little kids?!

Raya  continues to be scared of the swings this year too haha.  She wants to go
really, really SLOW.

Brielle likes fast!

Sweet cheeks

Pretty girl

Brielle did much better walking on rocks than Raya did her first time.

Mother/daughter shadows


Leaning backwards while swinging!

also leaning backwards while swinging LOL


So needless to say it was a fun day! I wish this weather would continue....60s are my ideal temp....I'm not a fan of freezing and I'm not a fan of heat.  I call today "sweatshirt weather", and I'd live in this temperature all year long if I could :-)

And now switching gears, help me pick a DSLR camera! I've decided that one of the things I'd like to treat myself to with my Etsy shop money is a "fancy camera" :-) Now the camera I have now is actually very nice. It was like $400, so it's more than a basic point and shoot. However it doesn't have changeable lenses or anything like that. I'd like to move up the camera food chain and get something more "professional". I'm hoping to stay around $1,000 with the camera and at least 1 lens.

So right now I've got it narrowed down to 2 I think, but I welcome your opinions if you have one!!! I've gotten some good feedback on facebook and the internet and that's how I got to the 2 I have right now....I just get so overwhelmed with the options!

First, when I did  my own research I was drawn to the Canon Rebel T3i  ....it's a comfortable price point for me and I  know of a couple people who have this camera and it takes nice  pictures. I've had Canon point and shoots in the past and always been happy with them.

The other  one I really like is the Nikon D90 . This one is at the top of the price range I had set for myself, so part of me really wants to like the Canon better and save myself a few hundred dollars lol. But I know of a couple other people who have this Nikon and it takes excellent pictures. And from the people I've talked to today I  get the impression that  the Nikon's are known to be top of the line and a lot of the professionals gravitate to Nikons. But  then that makes me nervous because I'm a complete amatuer, so will the Nikon D90 be impossible for me to learn???? I am not against taking a class eventually, but I'd like to be able to use it "right out of the box" so to say as well. I don't want to spend months learning how  to turn it on haha.

So any input about DSLRs from my readers is appreciated!!! I'm really hoping that the new DSLR (compared to my current camera) will do better taking pictures of active little girls, because while mine right now does awesome outdoors, it struggles inside and it has a hard time keeping up with active moving subjects ;-) I am also hoping that  maybe if I practice this summer with my new camera then perhaps whenever baby #3 comes along I will be happy enough with my pictures that I won't have to pay for a professional photo baby package like I have always done in the past.

I'm excited to pick one!!! Now if  I could just decide......


  1. So cute! I love that first picture of Brielle. We got out today too. I agree, 60's are perfect! It was a little windy, but otherwise pretty much perfect. I have no knowledge of cameras so I'm no help, but when I am ready to buy myself a fancy one, I will come to you for advice because you'll be a pro :)

    1. Ha! Don't know that I'll be a pro, but hopefully I can turn it on by then ;-)

  2. so cute! Glad the girls had a good time! I don't have a DLSR so I don't have any input, but my mama has a Rebel and really likes it!

  3. We headed to the park today too! I agree, this weather is ideal! I could wear sweatshirts year long.

    I have the cannon and LOVE it! Just got it for Christmas from the hubby. He picked it all out. He is all into that stuff. His dad had a photography business for years that Joe helped with, plus he is always up-to-date on cameras for hunting, so I feel safe leaving it in his hands. Good luck!

  4. Canon!! They are amazing. I love mine and would never have anything different. I have a canon rebel xsi with a 18-200mm image stabilized lens on it. The lens I have rocks. Its a normal lens and telephone lens all in one so you dont have to change it all the time. www.42photo.com is a good place to price shop online. My lens came from there and was $100 cheaper than any other reliable source. Sams and Costco usually have some type of package deal on the camera with a standard 18-75mm lens for a decent price.

    In all reality, both Nikon and Canon make a great camera and you cant go wrong with either. I have heard that the Canon tends to be a little more user friendly. Which ever you pick, you are going to love it. Feel free to email if you have questions (kleblanc23@yahoo.com).

  5. The girls look like they had a ball at the park!!!! Where were all the kids!!! I would loved to have been outside yesterday!!! I love how Brielle tries to copy Raya, she is so cute when she smiles with those teeth!!!
    Grama F

  6. I love my Nikon D90, but I don't know much about the Canon. I'm sure it is great, too. I prefer the lenses that are made by Nikon (Nikkor lenses), so that is why I've always had Nikons. My father and grandfather had Nikon SLRs that I inherited, along with 7 Nikkor lenses. So, I wanted my digital SLR to be a Nikon so that I could use them all. You "can" use a Nikkor lens on a different camera, but over time you will have issues. I've had the best luck using a lens made by the same manufacturer as the camera.

    You can definitely use it "right out of the box", it just has tons of features that you can also use if you ever learn how. That's why I love it - it's great for grabbing for a quick shot, but it can do tons of other stuff, too!

    1. Thanks! That was one of my big concerns---needing a degree to turn it on lol. This is helpful :-)

  7. its been so warm here too. The girls and I are headed to the park today. The girls look like they had a great time at the park. cute pictures.


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