Thursday, March 8, 2012

Photoshoot hell

Still haven't  decided  on a new camera. Leaning heavily towards the  Nikon D90 ... based  on everything I've learned so far I  do like the Nikon *lenses* best I think. My friend has a Nikon D90 that she's had for  1.5 years and they  are wanting to upgrade to a Nikon D7000 and so they have offered to sell us the body of their D90 used. We are very much considering t his because then we could buy upgraded lenses right away, having  saved money on the body. And  from what I've learned I  think the lenses mean more for picture quality than the body  anyways. However we plan to go to the camera store on Saturday to look at the Nikons and Canon's  in person so I can make a final decision. Canon's  appear to be more  popular among the novice group, and cheaper, so  I haven't completely ruled them  out.  Lee  is  just very much pushing for Nikon since  they technically "win" in all the online comparisions we've found---although I'm sure for the purposes we'd use it for the differences probably don't matter much. Once Lee gets something in his head though it's usually a lost cause LOL ;-)

And do  you want to know what  else is a lost cause? Taking pictures  of my girls! haha. I could  probably spend 5 million dollars on a camera and it wouldn't matter any, because when you've got two  kids are cooperative as this what can you do?! ;-)

I love this  one...I  took it right  as a big gust of wind came  by!


Sometimes I take a shower  when  Brielle takes her  morning nap. I tell Raya to sit and watch her  show until I'm done,
and usually I bribe her  with an oreo. The other day she prepared herself quite the cozy spot for spending this time! ;-)
Brielle just  started  feeding herself with a spoon. I'm one of those  moms who delays this milestone as long as possible, because  I hate  the mess lol.  I  don't care what's developmentally appropriate, 13 months is about as early as I  can do people! Anyways, thankfully she's doing pretty well  with it.

Lastly, today the girls are having  some St. Paddy's Day spirit. We are going to story hour later this  morning and  then to Grandma's. I  attempted another photoshoot, but  you know how that goes. Hellish.

Sorry for missing an update  yesterday everyone! The Etsy shop continues to keep me very busy. Thankfully I finally  had  a slow day yesterday  with only  one sale. I was due for a breather!


  1. Those photoshoots happen to me all the time!

    and those blue outfits??? I LOVE THEM! I was eyeing them last year and never bought them :(

  2. Ahhh these are exactly what our sister photoshoots look like too. I like those blue dresses too, very cute. That second st party's day pic of the girls is too cute

  3. Love their faces in the picture where the wind hit them! :)

  4. I love Raya's St. Patrick's Day shirt! She looks so cute!

    And I never had a chance to comment before, but I have a Canon and love it! We went that direction partially because they are compatible with Mac computers, but I think both work well with a PC. I'm sure you'll love the Nikon too, but Canon was a better fit for me.

  5. At least you still attempt photo shoots. I've been SO bad about taking pictures lately. Tyler thinks I'm crazy that I want another girl so I can dress them alike. I'll have to show him your picture of the girls in their blue outfits. He'll understand then :)

  6. I agree, the blue dresses are adorable, the pic where the wind ia blowing on the girls is way toooooo funny!!
    Grama F

  7. girl, it's so hard to get a decent pic of kids!! haha, They look adorable regardless =)


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