Monday, March 26, 2012

Playing outside!

So this weekend we had more nice weather. Sunday Lee  got our water table  out for the girls and set it up on the deck for me. That way I can lounge at the patio set with my computer and cold beverage, while still supervising the girls as they drink  the water and dump it on each other ;-)

This was Brielle's first experience with the water  table  if I remember correctly, because last  summer she was too little. She loved it! She drank lots of water haha. Raya had fun bathing her baby and pooring water down the front of her shirt. 'Tis the life!

Their Daddy dressed them, so pay no attention to their mismatched  attire lol. You can't even
fully  appreciate their outfits because you can't  see that  he picked  out pants  for Brielle with camo print patches on the front....rather than choose the coordinating leggings  that  were attached to the shirt he chose lol. And poor  Raya's
big  old tush squeezed into leggings with a too short shirt hehe

We also  did some bike riding in the new helmuts we got on Saturday! Daddy even rigged up the Dora bike  bell for her old bike. We're still planning on getting her a new bike for her birthday probably....we had  her test out some Minnie Mouse ones at the store the other day.

I mainly wanted Brielle to have hers for sprinting down the driveway lol. At least  now her head  is protected! :-P

My little crash test dummy ;-)
Lastly, since a few posts back  I  did a "I  love my driveway/front yard" post I thought today I'd show a little love to our back yard hehe. Yesterday Lee mowed (yes, in March!! The grass was so long already though haha...he even had to go back  and bag it!) 

Can you spot Lee  and his  lawnmower?

Who can spot  Griffin? ;-)  Lee is working on training them to obey the underground  dog fence.
We love our back yard! When the kids  are a little  bigger we are going to get one of those big inflatable  pools in the back....and I'm debating a swingset for this summer (although we go to the park so often that may not be necessary).

Usually around Mother's Day we go get a bunch of flowers  to plant and spruce up mulch beds, etc. I'm excited since this is the first year we'll be doing this at our new house!! Are any of you gardeners? What types of flowers/plants  do you like to plant?

That's all  I've got for  today---later!


  1. It's always nice to know that Jason isn't the only dad who dresses the girls in non matching outfits...haha
    Sounds like you guys had a good weekend. When kaylee & I planted flowers last year I just let her pick

  2. OMG Brielle in that helmet is priceless!!!!! They will have sooo much fun on their new deck this summer!!
    Grama F

  3. Don't we love how our husbands dress our girls?? My husband dressed Emma the other day in a dress with blue and white horizontal stripes on top and jean type material on the bottom, with neon pink striped leggings, and a pair of fire engine red dress shoes with rhinestones on them! She thought she looked pretty darn good, and so did he! =)
    And I must say i'm totally jealous of your backyard! We have quite a big yard, but we have houses all around us and no fence. Yours is beautiful! =)

  4. This post was like "Where's Waldo?" with all the spotting! :) Love your backyard!!

  5. Oh I'm soooo happy, it appears that I'm able to read blog, comment and look at videos!!!!! You are soooo lucky to have your new place, what a yard, deck, driveway , everything!!!! PS, and two beautiful girls, and a husband that can help provide all this!!!Lucky girl!!
    Grama F

  6. I'm SO jealous of your backyard! That is exactly what we're looking for when we buy a new house! And I really want to get Kyla a water table for this summer. I'm waiting for Toys R Us to send me a coupon in the mail since I can't find the last one they sent me :) I'm going to be fat and hot all summer so any water activities will be good to keep us cool and busy!


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