Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pudding cups and dollhouses

....these are a few of her favorite things!

First things first, I can hardly  bring myself to update the blog because I'm so frustrated with Miss Raya, who is in her room napping at 11am because she pretty much lost her  mind! She got a teeny tiny scratch on her toe and I tried a bandaid, tried running it under cold water, tried socks, etc. and she just  cannot get over it! Loaded up the van  and drove to story hour, but  she continued to scream and cry there, so we had to leave and head back home before it even started ( i was so embarassed by the scene she made!), I couldn't  stop at the post office, and decided not  to attempt the mall or park  (also on our list for  today) so instead  Raya is in her room for the rest of the morning and I'm bummed that  our day's plans got ruined by her hissy fit over a scratch.

Seriously, newborns are squishy and cute....but they turn into toddlers eventually and toddlers are often  *not* cute.

But  anyways, I'll try to get over  it haha. Here is a little photoshoot from the other day, of Miss Raya eating her beloved pudding cup!

And  in other news, the other day I ordered all  of Raya's dollhouse stuff  for her birthday---I"m so excited!!

We went with the Plan Toys dollhouse, shown here
Raya's won't  have the balcony  looks exactly the same but without the top balcony and the top story split exactly in half with a wall, and then the porch on the bottom left is an add on. My parents  are giving her the upper 2 story portion with lots of furniture and then I bought her the basement  level with lots of furniture and accessories, so she's going to be one spoiled little  girl! I've  played with the top portion a little at my parents' house and what I loved  about the Plan Toys house is that  it's solid wood and definitely something I could see my  *grandkids* still playing with years and years down the road. I also liked the natural  wood look  to fit with any decor ...and the best part  is that Plan Toys has  the absolutely  cutest furntiture and accessories for their  dollhouses, I swear!!  Raya's getting all the basic sets (living room, kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, etc...and also  some super fun extras too.

Here  is one of my favorite sets I got her---a  garden and you can plant the little veggies!

She's also going to love  the baby room and baby

Another fun thing about  Plan Toys is  that  all  of their sets come as a classic style, then modern, or like an art deco haha.  I didn't  mostly  classic style so that  the colors weren't  painful to my eyes lol....but sometimes I  liked  the set up of another style the bathroom I got her the more "modern" one...isn't it  cute?

I also  got  her lots of  little accessories....Brielle may have to be  banned from the dollhouse and all the little peices lol

In the future I have some other sets saved to give her as future how adorable is  this camping set?!

Or the playground hehe

So if you're  in the market for  a dollhouse and  want  a really nice  one that  will  last for  years then I highly suggest this Plan Toy brand!! And I am not responsible for any shopping sprees  that may follow as you add more and more sets to your amazon shopping cart....I learned it's very hard to stop buying because they  are all  so cute! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for pitching in on this gift....Raya's going to freak  in May  when she sees it at her  party!!!!


  1. We've had a few tantrums with Kaylee like that too in public. very embarassing!

    Love the doll house you picked and all the accessories are awesome. I love the playground.

    1. Seriously, I was about to strangle her haha. Then I tried taking her in the bathroom at the library to calm her down but she started screaming hysterically and I figured everyone thought I was beating her or something we just left :-P

  2. Poor Raya, I wonder what that was all about????
    Grama F

  3. That last photo of Raya before the dollhouse is hilarious! (And your photos look great. Still loving the Nikon?)

    1. Thanks!

      Yes, still loving it! I haven't had a chance to really play around with anything other than auto mode though...when the girls are really active or we have bright sun shining the photos sometimes still get a little funky and so I need to figure out some different settings to do I think :-)

  4. I just came across your blog tonight! Your girls are adorable! We have a puppy named Gunner too =)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and saying Hi! :-)


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