Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A rekindled love

So I of course was madly and deeply in love  with our new house when we bought it in the fall....but over the  winter I guess you could say that some of the newness had worn off and it started to feel like we've always lived here so I didn't think about it too much. But now that our lovely spring weather has arrived and we are spending most of our days outside, I have a rekindled love affair with our new home! Seriously, it's amazing the things you think  about a house before you have kids, and then after. Before I would have thought that I'd fantasize about granite counters and vaulted  ceilings (but  honestly my counters are covered in sippys and mail most of the time, so who cares lol...and vaulted ceilings would be a pain in the ass to clean/dust the corners :-P) instead when shopping  for our house this last time I fantasized about a huge driveway where kids could ride bikes, a paved road out front where we could go for walks, a front porch to sit on and wait for the bus to come, etc....none of which we had in our old house, but  all of which we have now!

....and let me just say, this love is strong! As we played outside today I just couldn't  get over how perfect our new place is. <3

I"m patiently waiting for all the  leaves to come back, then it will be pretty again!

This driveway was made for sidwalk chalk, bikes, and sprinting towards the road (ahem, Brielle!)

About to leave  for our walk! (This  stroller continues  to be it)


Look at chunk butt Raya catching some air! ;-)
And perhaps somewhat surprising, the kids' favorite thing of all is the large sandbox built underneath t he deck! The old owners were genius in this decision---nice and shady, somewhat protected from the weather, and huge! A hit all around.

It's 70s today here, but this  morning was  still a little chilly, if you are wondering about the coats and hats lol

Raya was being  uncooperative for pictures

A lot of people tell me that  Brielle looks more and  more  like me, while Raya continues to look  like Lee.
Most days I don't see it at all, but then sometimes---like in this picture---I see exactly what they mean. Something
about this picture *does* look like my side.

Ha! I can rest comfortably  now knowing that  Raya isn't the only one in the family
with a very unfortunate "smile" face LOL

Later gators!!!


  1. LOVE the house! Thats awesome you have a trampoline AND a sandbox. My kids would be IN HEAVEN!

  2. I love your house too. I love how big your front yard is. Cute pictures of the kiddos. Loving the new blog design

  3. You do have a great driveway!!!!

    And, that is genius...a sandbox hidden under the deck! I will have to remember that for the next house we are planning on buying!!!

  4. Yes you are very lucky to have this wonderful place!!! Your kids are soooo lucky!!! I am also lucky, how did I get 4 cute grandbabies, one cuter than the next!!!!!
    Love,Grama F

  5. P.S. I can't believe how high Raya is jumping in that pic!!!!
    Grama F

  6. Holy driveway, batman! What an awesome front yard you have! And the girls would be so jealous of your back yard. And that sandbox under the deck IS genius!


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