Saturday, March 24, 2012

Who's your favorite?

So we like to play the  "who's your favorite?" game at our house. It *used* to be a fun game when we just had Raya, because Raya has  always been a Mama's I was always her  favorite and it was a fun game to rub in Daddy's  face LOL. But now we have Miss Brielle. And  she  is a Daddy's girl through and through! And she only  says about 5 words with meaning, and one of them is "da da" she was this morning watching Daddy out the kitchen window working in the yard:

Here is Raya playing the "who's  your favorite?" game as well....I like Raya's answer much better LOL (she also says the ABCs for you all---and I have no idea why she messes them up at the  end like she does here. She used to say the whole thing correctly, and for some reason she's now in the habit of getting to "r" and then reverting to the beginning again :-P )

(And I can't remember who told me how to embed videos in my blog  post last  time, but thanks!! I figured it out this time :-)

To end, here are some pictures from today. We didn't  do much today....we drove 1.5 hours each way to get our taxes done because  Lee's former coworker/friend has a tax place back in our old town and he always cuts us a deal on the tax prep haha. Anyways we finally  for the first time since we've been married are getting a refund from both state and federal....wahoo!!! After doing taxes we did a little celebratory dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then took the girls to Toys R Us where Raya got a new Dora bike helmut and bike bell haha. Very exciting stuff :-)

***Must add, as I'm sitting here Lee just got Brielle to  say "I love you Da Da" cute!! Then he said "say Mama" and she smiled and said "Dada!"   Little stinker.

Ok, here are the pics....

Raya was obsessed with watching movies of herself this morning LOL  (and this is one of her new summer outfits
from Naartjie, my  favorite brand ever :-)

Here's  Brielle "talking on the phone"

Dress from Old Navy. It's actually  long sleeve but it's a 18-24 month size and way too big
so I just rolled the sleeves up haha

Lastly, I often get annoyed when Brielle  is so stinkin' cute but won't look at the camera to let me take pictures! But today I decided that when I'm old and my kids are all grown up then I will probably  enjoy looking back at pictures of them playing with their toys, even if they aren't looking at the camera :-) So here are some pictures just capturing Miss Brielle as she enjoys being little and playing!!

Here's to a rockin' weekend! Later everyone :-)


  1. The videos are too cute
    I like Brielle's dress

  2. Sam and i are sitting on the couch together and while i was watching the video of brielle she came and sat down in front of the screen. After it was over she began saying da da over and over again! Lol it was to cute! We also went to texas road house this evening. We took adams grandparents out to eat! I wonder if we were there at the same time and didnt know it? What are you doing on monday between 12 and 3? Play date maybe? Let me know. If u text you can text me. 319-721-6096. Hope to see you at a play date soon!

    1. haha...funny! We were actually at the Cedar Falls one eating b/c we had gone up there to do our taxes. I will check my calendar, but we might be able to do a playdate! My girls are usually napping then, but maybe I can push nap back a little. If it's nice maybe we could meet at the park in town to play or something. I'll text ya when it gets closer :-)

  3. Ok, or we could do it in the morning for a couple hours. I am running into CR, i was going to do it in the morning. But id hate to mess with nap time. I value nap time, as im sure you do! Lol. So we could do a morning playdate and then i can go into CR after. Let me know if you would rather do that. My trip to CR is very flexible! Basically give me a time that will work for u and it will more than likely work for me!

  4. I have never heard of the brand Naartjie! I definitely have to check it out! I also agree with you on the picture taking thing. I really need to take more photos of my little one just playing and stop making her pose and smile! ha! =)

    1. Naartjie is awesome! They were my very first "fashion friday" post awhile back haha. There aren't many actual stores, so you probably have to order online...but everything is so cute :-)

  5. Cute outfits!!! For some reason everytime I try to watch videos it says error has occured and kicks me off internet!!!
    Grama F

  6. This is funny! Whenever I ask Cael, he skirts around it and lists every single person he knows before he's willing to say one of our names. Even Graham, his arch nemesis, seems to be higher on his list than I am!

    1. hehe. Well I usually win "favorite" with Raya, but if I ask her who her "best friend" is she always says Sawyer before me! :-P


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