Monday, April 30, 2012

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

My internet is back...yippee!!!! You guys, I felt like I  had  checked in to some sort of internet detox rehab program----I  was writhing in pain from the  withdrawal! :-)

So here are some quick bullet points to  get usback  on track:
1) This weekend we had friends from out  of town and  had  a kid-free weekend...yippee! Did lots  of eating,  drinking, sleeping in ('till 8am anyways haha), and socializing. Good times!
2) The girls had a blast  with Grandma and  Grandpa...the  highlight was  that  Grandpa bought bunkbeds....and  Raya has  informed me t hat  Sawyer sleeps on top since  he's a big boy...and she sleeps on bottom since she's a little girl haha.  Guess they're just  about ready for the kids  to move in with them  full time! ;-)
3) Today the girls and I ran some errands  (because  I've  got extra kids wed, thurs., and Friday this we had to get in there early  this  week) ....I enjoyed  lunch with my girls and coffee and cookies at Barnes and Noble :-P I went to give Raya a kiss afterwards and she exclaimed "your kisses are stinky Mama!!!" ...guess  I must have had  caramel  mochiatto breath was yummy though!
4) Lately, especially  when out and  about with the girls like I was  today, I've started second guessing my original  plan to have 3 children.  I mean, Raya  is so much fun to go places with.  She  gets in her own carseat, we don't need a stroller, no highchairs, no cutting up food when we're out, she  knows to stay by me in stores so I can browse without worrying about losing her, she pretty much never cries or throws tantrums while we're out, she is potty trained, etc.  etc.  Brielle is a much bigger pain to take  places, but  she's 15 months old...freedom from strollers and  diapers and  baby crap is  so close  I can  taste it!!! How  crazy would  I be right  now to sign  myself up for  3 extra years of babyness? I  think it's good that I'm  watching baby Finn now once a week because I'll  get a better feel for whether I want to do a 3rd baby full  time myself or not haha.
5) Since  I didn't  have  internet this weekend I'm way behind on my blog reading/commenting.  Sorry about that---I'll  have to go back  and check  out everything I missed!
6) I've officially decided I have no desire for a phone with internet. You should have heard my whining and cussing while trying to use Lee's internet phone. Seriously  people, what is enjoyable about trying to mess around with internet on your phone when you could have a giant  laptop screen instead?! haha. Maybe I'll  just  get a giant purse that my  laptop fits in and carry it around :-P
7) The weather  this week is rain and clouds almost all  week. I'm tired of this dreary weather!!!
8) Today I organized Raya's closet and got all  her  summer  stuff  hung  up...I'm embarassed for anyone to  see the insane amount of clothes she has LOL. Yesterday Lee's  mom called Lee asking for birthday ideas for Raya...I  suggested some different toys and Lee goes "she doesn't  need  any more toys! How about clothes or shoes---at least  then it's something she  needs", honey....our children don't  *need* anything other  than food and air, and even  the food  is debatable...they are spoiled rotten :-P
9) I've  been steadily working on Etsy orders....have been getting more orders for  tutus lately which has been a fun change!
10) Here are some random pictures to get caught up on my  recent lack of posting...enjoy!

"I have such a headache from listening to Mommy complain about her internet!"

Tot school...Made the  letter A with do-a-dot markers and she put stickers on each dot

So glad to be back  blogging again! Hope everyone had a great weekend! :-)

...and in light of what  I  recently went through, what is something that YOU would go through withdrawal for if you were forced to give it up for a weekend???????

Sunday, April 29, 2012

death of my friend

My internet friend has died. No internet since friday night oter then lees phone which i despise using by the way...only good old lap tops for me!! so this is all you get until we can hopefully get it fixed tomorrow.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Fridays with Finn

Instead  of Fashion Friday  today  we're going  to have our first  Friday with Finn installment  ;-) Finn will  now be playing with us on Fridays and Raya was so excited for his arrival today. When I said he'd  be coming  soon she said  "oh good, I like  him so much--he's my friend!" Then she prepared a little  spot for him on the playmat I brought  up...she even gave him her  tiny  baby to play  with haha. She admired  him for probably the first 30 minutes he was here; Brielle on the other hand was pretty uninterested in baby Finn. She did however like stealing his toys and pacis for her own :-P

So here are some pics from our day--gotta  love photographing a stationary baby again!

If  Raya says you need the paci Finn, you take  the paci! ;-)

She was very gentle with him

Clearly we  haven't  traumatized  him too much  yet haha

Brielle was just  checking him out

Finn and the baby Raya assigned him ;-)

Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I got nothin' :-)

We did story hour at the library this morning but then my mom watched the girls the rest of the  day so that I could run errands, go to my rhuematologist, etc. etc....which means I have nothing exciting to report and took no  pictures  today!

However after  Sawyer and Harper left yesterday Raya *insisted* on doing another photoshoot here are a few from that--enjoy!

Check  out this "senior photo" pose  she pulled out lol

I'm not sure why  she's doing this weird buck  tooth thing the last couple days haha

Crazy girl

Eating sidewalk chalk

Tastes yucky, but  still  more  fun than  looking at mama's camera

She wanted to go night night ;-)
And  now  I'm off to make a birthday tutu and shirt--sorry I didn't  have anything more exciting tonight! Tomorrow I'm babysitting 6 week old baby Finn for the first  time since his  mom has  to  start back  to work....the girls are excited!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fashion FAIL

So check  out my adorable  niece today

And then check  out my adorable  niece *yesterday*

You see, Emily  posted this photo on facebook  yesterday  saying that my brother let Harper pick out her  own clothes. Oh my eyes! Clearly my dear niece was on the fast track to fashion prison, and I had to try and bring her back from the depths of mismatch hell lol ;-)

So today Harper and I had a long talk. I gave  her one of Rayas old shirts to borrow, we did her hair, and we discussed things like fit, color, matching, and style. I think  she's got it now, don't you think? !

Much better ;-)
"Aunt  Shawna,  I was so horrified  that Daddy let me wear that yesterday....thank you so much for teaching me the ways of the fashion forward world!"

"No problem Harper. If your Daddy ever does that again you can come live  with me. :-)"

"Now run off, and  share  your  new  fashion knowledge with the world!"

In other  news, today after I corrected Sawyer  for  something Raya looked at me and said "Don't tell my cousin so-so no!!!"   ...ummm, ok ...take a chill pill kid. I'm not going to "threaten" your beloved cousin Sawyer anymore lol

They love eachother so much---and a happy accident with matching outfits was totally screaming for a photoshoot---enjoy!

Matching "sweet" faces!

And now hopefully  I can pick up the kitchen before these adorable monsters wake up from naps!!! :-)