Thursday, April 19, 2012

Busy busy!

Sorry everyone---been crazy busy today! Between getting my hair chopped off (first haircut since Brielle was born I think!), getting an eyebrow wax (LOL...first one since the one time I did it about 10 years ago!), watching 4 kiddos while  my mom ran to town, and taking care of the MANY people who took advantage of my facebook  special (which is still good for the rest of tonight--just contact me!), I'm too tired  to do  a real update tonight! Besides, I'm about to drag my exhausted  self downstairs to sew because I have a couple orders that need to go out tomorrow -- 'Tis the life of a busy Mama, right?!

So for now please let  this  cute picture of Raya "modeling" today hold you over (and don't worry, Brielle was wearing a matching outfit today tomorrow!)

We tried a "funky" hairstyle  today  LOL


  1. The girls looked sooooo cute today, loved
    Rayas hair, also love your hair, you should have posted pics!!!
    Grama F

  2. I want to see a pic of your new hair. Rayas outfit is cute.

  3. Yes, please do post pictures!!!

    Raya is too stinking cute! Love her funky look! :)

  4. I love every time Raya has those adorable jeggings on! I can't wait for Kyla to be that age so I dress her cute. I'm still too cheap and just settle for what her Grandma's buy her, haha.


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