Thursday, April 5, 2012

Children's Museum and Easter baskets!

Be warned, I have TONS of pictures tonight---hope you have  an hour or so ;-) So I"ll keep my rambling to a minimum...but today Grandma took us all  to the Children's  Museum and we had a blast! I even decided to buy a year long pass while we were there....we only  have to go 5 times in the next year and it'll  pay for itself. Since it's only 30 minutes from our house I plan to go much more than that! I also learned that the membership gets us in free to like 200+ children's museums across the country--so we now can go to the St. Louis one for free when  we go down for Cardinals games...and when we go to the Omaha zoo in a few weeks (yes, we're going!!!) then we can hit up the Omaha children's museum too---so fun!!

Here are pictures of our fun today---enjoy!

Cutest cousins! And don't you love  Brielle's  scrunchy  nose smile? ;-)
At the beginning they  were stickin' together---cousins keep you safe ;-)

My little monkey  climbed on EVERYTHING


Bumper carts

Making pizza

My monkey---at it again!

Sir? I'd like Tea please :-)

Look at Grandma, lovingly preparing to send  her delicate grandchild down the slide....


Grandma had the great idea to send Brielle down the slide with Raya....

Notice Harper over  there  thinking "Don't send *me* down the slide  with that kid Grandma!"

My little smarty pants figured out that going down on your tummy was a safe alternative!

Harper followed suit with the tummy sliding

Future pilot?

Raya threw a tantrum claiming she  was scared to get out herself...Notice the other  little girl thinking "geeze kid, pull  yourself together!"

Brielle wasn't scared to get up in the plane and "fly" though!

At the "bank" playing  with all his  money!

You'd think posing for a picture was complete torture for Miss Raya

Hold on tight in the elevator!

Crawling through tunnels

Drive up bank window :-P

Sawyer stole the money and now it's a getaway car!

Raya's turn to be the robber :-)

Cheerio break

Dance party!

Icecream break---Raya and Sawyer got  "smurf" icecream!

Brielle shared chocolate peanut  butter icrecream with Mama --yummy
And now for pictures of the kids opening Easter "baskets" today from Grandma and Grandpa! Grandma had the great idea to put them in storage containers which will be great for organizing our craft and game closet. The kids got lots of fun stuff---thanks Easter bunny! ;-)

How cute are these strawberry dresses Grandma got---Raya has a matching one too of course! :-)

And to end, some pictures  of the girls in their adorable matching outfits  before we left today.....because seriously, they are just too adorable!

She said this was her "sweet" look like Sawyer does hahaha

Hope you enjoyed the "handful" of pictures today hehe. I know, I know, I need  to work on narrowing down!!!! :-)


  1. The slide picture is hilarious, or maybe it's the wording you used before we saw how she ended on the slide! :)

    1. Yes, when I saw that slide pic I couldn't stop laughing LOL

  2. Looks like they had fun. Cute pictures. I agree with briana that slide pic of Harper is funny

  3. How long did it take to upload all of those photos? Wow! But so fun to look at! I love the pic of Harper flying down the slide, and your Mom's expression is priceless!

    And I had no idea that a membership in IC gets you in other museums... great tip! Thanks, Shawna!

    1. It took me the length of Grey's Anatomy to do the post LOL

      Yes, you should definitely consider getting a membership! It's really too expensive to go there if you pay each time...when we were there everyone kept telling us a membership is the way to go! It also gets you 10% off the items in that attached toy store and also 10% off birthday parties and any day camps etc (which my girls are too little for right now)

    2. Oh, and PS...they are changing it in 2013 so that the other museums are buy one get one free---the IC one will still be free with membership. So you want to get a membership this year to take advantage of the free entry into all the other museums :-)

  4. Never toooo many pics!!!! Love them all, can't begin to know which is my favorite, but have to admit the slide pic is funny!!!!! I had no idea she would go that fast!!!!!We had lots of fun, love to have all the cousins together!!
    Grama F

    1. I know Grandma never thinks there's too many pics haha

  5. Ok, I love all the pictures, but I have to say my favorite is the very first one. I just can't get over how cute Brielle is with that sweet little smile and she looks so excited! I'm glad I'm not the only one that posts tons of pictures once in awhile. Our Children's Museum is really nice, but yours has a lot more imaginative play, which I love (the grocery store, bank, etc.). Gianna and Kyla loved that stuff!

  6. I love the new blog header! The pictures are cute! Looks like you had a great time at the museum! =)

    The matching outfits that the girls are wearing are way too cute! I love them! =)

  7. How far away is the children's museum from des Moines?! I have to take the girls!!!!

    1. It's at coralridge mall, in Iowa city. Right off of interstate 80. I don't know really how far that would be for you though...a couple hours? I know there is one in Omaha too---is that any closer?

    2. Its about the same distance... like an hour and a half maybe??? If I go this summer, we should totally meet up there! That would be a fun blogger meet up!!! :)


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