Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dying Easter Eggs

Easter is  just  around the corner! ....which means this morning we did Easter eggs, and Raya was thrilled! We did the same kind that we did last year---the kind where you use a roller to roll the dye on---less mess :-) Brielle was not impressed, and after about 10 minutes laid down for a morning nap....but Raya was an egg painting  fool haha.

Please excuse the pictures...the sun was shining in so strong, and we dont' have any curtains on our sliding glass door so there was nothing I could do about it. That, paired with my lack of makeup and Lee's weird mustache (he did it for a charity mustache contest at work lol) and we all look a little rough here! But oh well....we had fun anyways :-)

This take lots of concentration

Not a big fan

Planning our next masterpiece...and by "our" I mean "Raya's", because she wouldn't  let anyone touch her eggs!

This  is messy work people

Check  out those lashes!

Lee won 2nd place in the "tough guy" mustache category

This is what we used---we got it  at Walmart


Notice  Brielle licking her roller in the background was an  empty one thankfully :-P

Now time to go eat some eggs! :-) Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!


  1. What a fun morning! We need to do this yet!

    Love that Brielle is licking the roller - haha!

    Tell Lee his mustache looks great; I think he should leave it! ;)

  2. What a fun morning. The eggs look good

  3. I have the kit here at home, but haven't gotten around to dying them yet! I just know it's gonna be a disaster in the making- but fun at least!

    Don't let my husband see Lee- Joel would be growing that same stash right away!

  4. Looks fun! I like Raya's tomboy look. She looks beautiful in anything! I might have to start using Picaso for their new edits. Very cool.

    1. Yes, she was wearing lee's tshirt as a paint shirt haha

  5. Rayana is so funny, ( I asked Raya if she wanted me to call her Rayana, she smiled so sweetly and said yes) she does not want help with anything anymore!!! ( unless she needs help from Sawyer to climb up on stuff!!!!!!)
    Grama F

  6. I love how you say your pictures are bad and they look perfectly fine to me. I have the cheapest/crappiest camera ever though so I'm not a good one to notice that kind of stuff.

    We're going to dye eggs on Friday at my mom's. I like the rolling on idea...might have to suggest that :)


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