Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Ok, so here's the picture extravaganza that goes along with our Easter weekend :-) I pretty much celebrate Easter as a fun spring holiday and time with family--but  I  did get the girls some religious DVD cartoons for their  basket that Lee can watch with them during his "Sunday School" mornings hehe. The movies were from the "Little Angels" series. Anyways, they  did keep Raya's attention pretty well, if anyone is interested in tracking them down. They go through different bible stories while teaching ABCs, 123s, and animals, etc. Here is one of the ones we got ABCs

I just  LOVE playing the part of the Easter Bunny....I know many people say they won't "lie" to their kids about things like Santa and Easter Bunny, etc....but if my kids end up resentful over  these things when they're older then I didn't do a good job raising them---because with  lee and I as parents they better lighten  up a little! ;-)

So Saturday night Raya  threw carrots outside for the bunny to eat, and then she told me where  she wanted  the bunny to put her basket---and I was supposed to pass the info along to the bunny when he came LOL. The bunny also hid eggs EVERYWHERE---upstairs, downstairs, and outside---a busy bunny! When  Raya  woke up she was like a crazy woman---no matter how many times I said "don't touch the eggs yet" she w as just running around saying "I  found one!" Lee and I had to quickly prepare ourselves and grab the camera before she imploded from excitement :-) They both had fun digging through their baskets, but the biggest hit was definitely hunting the eggs.

After our little Easter Bunny morning we got the girls dressed and went to Easter with my mom's extended family---lots of yummy food and the girls looked very cute in their Easter outfits!

Well, that's about all  I have to ramble about, so here are the pictures---enjoy!

Here's a better  look  at their Easter baskets. Raya got a few suckers, and some jelly beans in her eggs....but  other than that they were candy free. Some items included Dora bibs, Minnie Mouse towel, Minnie shirt, pjs for Brielle, Bubble wand, kite, minnie and pooh cups, bendable wire bunny toys, stamps, books, movies, etc.

Raya's  first glimpses of the goods---and t rying to decide which one she thought was hers!

And then the egg hunting began!

She was in a very goofy mood!

We ended  up doing cheapo baskets from the craft store this year---mainly because
they were big enough to hold everything and the handle worked well for egg hunting! They  match
Raya's room too, so we'll use them for toy storage now.

Then we headed  outside  for more egg hunting!

Father/daughter  shadows

"what's that?"

And yes, her shoes are on the wrong feet LOL

It was too early for Mama to be in pictures haha...but I tried ;-)

And to end, pictures  of the girls in their  Easter outfits. Let's just  say the photoshoot went as expected---painful and short :-P

So let's *pretend* they  stood nicely side by  side, shall  we? :-)

And some more  randoms...

Such a stinkin' Daddy's girl!


  1. I talked to Sheri last night and she told me how cute your girls were dressed and she was telling me about the shirts and how they said "cute chick". I told her you made them and she said "they are just so cute"

  2. cute pictures. looks like the girls had a good time. I love that last picture of Brielle and daddy, too stinkin cute!

  3. I love Raya with her basket-- how cute! looks like they had a great time!

  4. I have the cutest sweetest grandbabies ever!!!!!!
    Looks like they had a great time! They will never resent you for pretending there is a easter bunny or Santa, some of my fondest memories are hiding upstairs and waiting until santa left!!!! It is a magical childhood fantasy!!!
    Grama F

  5. What adorable pictures! Your girls are so cute! I'm jealous of your nice Easter weather you had. We had snow in the morning and rain in the afternoon =( So our egg hunt consisted of inside only. Glad you guys had a great day! =)


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