Thursday, April 19, 2012

Etsy special -- ONE DAY ONLY!

In case you haven't seen  it on my shop's Facebook Page , I'm running a special for TODAY ONLY. You can get a monogram/initial shirt OR a birthday  number shirt for only $13--and that *includes shipping*!!!! You will  never see my shirts at a lower price  than this. If your kid is having a birthday in the next year (I bet  they are! ;-) then you need to buy one of these up to have on hand. Or get a monogram shirt to spice  up the summer  wardrobe--you can barely buy something from Carter's for this price, and mine aren't generic--they are so much cooler! hehe

So message me through my Etsy shop  ---or through my FB page ---and tell me to set you up a custom listing to purchase at this special sale price :-)


  1. Hey girl! Would this special work with our little arrangement we already have going?? If not, I totally understand :)

  2. Ohhhh I LOVE this! I'll message you on Etsy a little later after I think about what I should get for Emma! =)


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