Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fashion FAIL

So check  out my adorable  niece today

And then check  out my adorable  niece *yesterday*

You see, Emily  posted this photo on facebook  yesterday  saying that my brother let Harper pick out her  own clothes. Oh my eyes! Clearly my dear niece was on the fast track to fashion prison, and I had to try and bring her back from the depths of mismatch hell lol ;-)

So today Harper and I had a long talk. I gave  her one of Rayas old shirts to borrow, we did her hair, and we discussed things like fit, color, matching, and style. I think  she's got it now, don't you think? !

Much better ;-)
"Aunt  Shawna,  I was so horrified  that Daddy let me wear that yesterday....thank you so much for teaching me the ways of the fashion forward world!"

"No problem Harper. If your Daddy ever does that again you can come live  with me. :-)"

"Now run off, and  share  your  new  fashion knowledge with the world!"

In other  news, today after I corrected Sawyer  for  something Raya looked at me and said "Don't tell my cousin so-so no!!!"   ...ummm, ok ...take a chill pill kid. I'm not going to "threaten" your beloved cousin Sawyer anymore lol

They love eachother so much---and a happy accident with matching outfits was totally screaming for a photoshoot---enjoy!

Matching "sweet" faces!

And now hopefully  I can pick up the kitchen before these adorable monsters wake up from naps!!! :-)


  1. oh Harper, you've been FINED! LOL she looks cute today though. Those pictures of Raya and Sawyer are adorable!!!

  2. Cute niece!

    Raya is SO funny! Love that she calls him so-so! :)

    Sorry I am just responding to your question about handwriting now (I wish blogger would just let us respond right to the comment!). Anyway, I was gone for a week, as you know, but I did want to get back to you. I am sure in another year or maybe less, your daughter will be ready to practice tracing and writing. W is just getting around to listening to me. Before she would hold her pencil with a closed fist (and as a teacher, it sent chills up my spine!). I think seeing her big sister do school makes her want to listen to me now. :) What I did to get her to hold the pencil correctly is told her this: the pencil is like a car, you have to steer it. So, the thumb is the driver, the pointer finger is the front passenger, and the other three fingers are the family that sits in the back. They have to stay in the back or they could cause the driver to go all over. :) That seemed to help her, and now she has the correct grip.

    To draw on the lines, at first she just started scribbling all over the page. I had to stop her and show her those lines were her road. I told her she needs to stay on them, and that worked. Again, it may be because she is a year older than your daughter, right? So, in time, yours will be ready too. However, if you worked with her, she could probably pick it up. I just chose to start working on it with W.

    HTH! :)

    1. Thanks! Yes, she just grabs it with a fist right now and it drives me crazy lol...but she's not 3 until next month so I guess I should cut her some slack ;-) thanks for the tips!

  3. OMG!!!!I have the cutest grandbabies ever!!! (One of my pretty little babies was missing from the photo shoot today?) I need copies of all those pics, but I want that 2nd to last pic of Raya and Sawyer blown up as big as I can get it!!!!
    Grama F

  4. Wow, that is some outfit, John! It's so funny to see what the kids wind up in when it isn't Mommy doing the choosing. But she really made up for her fashion faux-pas!

  5. I NEVER let my husband pick out Gracie's clothes, haha. And it never fails he forgets a bow. Even if I do set one out lol

  6. Harps had many compliments on her pigtails at music tonight. She was also very flirtatious with a little boy in class. I think it is her newly instilled confidence. Thanks Aunt Shawna!

    1. lol...happy to help her with the boys ;-)


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