Friday, April 20, 2012

Fashion Friday-- and more hair pictures

So first up, more pics of the girls  from yesterday, sporting their matching dresses from Grandma :-) The dresses are from Target , and I figured I might as well make Target my Fashion Friday feature haha. I'm sure everyone shops at Target sometimes, right?! Well they have adorable  clothes for munchkins...I can never make it out of there without buying something!! However I usually only  shop their sales and clearance racks, because I swear *some* of their  items are getting almost as pricey as Gymboree! Target has cute stuff, but the quality as far as holding up in the wash/fading and stuff is usually lower than brands like Gymboree. So to pay $19 for a Target dress isn't the  best  idea, when you can get Gymboree  dresses on sale for less. The great thing about Target though? They put stuff on sale  CONSTANTLY. You can find summer stuff on clearance there already I swear's only regular price  for about 2 seconds :-)

So anyways, enjoy my munchkins!

Brielle said "no  thanks" to posing for sibling photos yesterday LOL

Grandma did a good job guessing sizes!

What a sweetie :-)

Brielle was still  being uncooperative!

Raya suggested ring around the rosie....

And then drug Brielle around until she complied lol :-)

Ring around the rosie...

You can  tell  Brielle adores her big sister!

Brielle will NOT stop climbing onto  my kitchen table!!! Like actually  on top of the table! At least here she's only
on the chair---but she still  manages to constantly  fall  and hurt herself!

Giving me "the look" when  I tell  her no!

So now here  are the pictures from today showing my little monkey actually ON TOP OF the  table!

I swear, 30 times a day I turn around in the kitchen to see  this.  If it's not the table it's climbing up the bar stools onto
the kitchen counter. Or on the coffee table. Etc. etc. I say no, remove her, scold  her....she cries and then  does it again.
Over  and over and over again all  day long.  Please tell me this is a phase!!!

She actually  walks on the table and hits  her  head on the lights!
So  I need to take some pictures for Raya's birthday  invitation soon.  Her birthday outfit will  probably be sewn the night before the party  I had to come up with some other idea for the You Are My Sunshine birthday invite. We made this cute handprint sunshine and I want to take her pictures with it. However I'm waiting for a sunny day because a you are my sunshine party pic shouldn't  be taken on a cloudy dreary day! lol. We just  did a test run this morning though...

I have a feeling most of the pics  will  look  like this haha. Hard to get a normal  smile!

And now some pictures  from after my  shower  of my new  haircut. I was SHOCKED by how curly it is now  that it's short. Seriously, you can't  fully appreciate the insanity of this unless  you've know me my entire life....but my entire life my hair  was stick straight. Suddenly I've  got this mess of curls!

As it  dried though I  didn't like  the front.  Partly becuase I'm not at all  used  to seeing  myself with wavy/curly hair, and partly because the part around my face is less layered so it wasn't as curly as the back and looked  kinda  weird...and constantly fell in my face. Ugh.

But then I decided to bobby pin the front back  behind my  ears kinda, and I can handle that I think. I  definitely prefer the straight look, but this will  be doable for the days when I don't have time to blowdry and flat iron it. Since  I can't  do a ponytail anymore this works instead and I think I could go out in public  and  not feel like a complete loser LOL

This was what it looked like after it dried. How horrible  is it? haha

You're  never  fully dressed without a smile, right? ;-)

So thank you girls, for turning mommy's beautiful straight hair into a poodle!! haha. I think I better  buy a new flat iron :-P

Lastly, my little monkey also  loves to climb into  toys. The night before last I  found Brielle  in the living room watching tv like  this:

Raya started pushing her around haha

**If you missed  my post from this  morning please  check it  out below :-)


  1. Those dresses are cute. I would freak if I saw Keira on the kitchen table. Brielle looks so cute sitting in the shopping cart. Have a good weekend

  2. Your hair looks really good curly!!! I can't wear my hair down when it's curly though because it drives me crazy! Only time it's down is when it's flat ironed! But I love it, it looks really good on you! Anddd I love the girls matching outfits again, perfect! =)

    1. THanks :-) I probably won't wear mine curly very often---Lee hates it LOL.

  3. Can I hire you to be my personal shopper? I do fine with groceries, etc with coupons, but I haven't mastered it with kids clothing yet.

    1. Oh man, being a personal shopper for kids would be my dream job! lol. ---with an unlimited budget too ;-)

  4. The girls look sooo cute, I just love the way Brielle looks at Raya, kind of like how raya looks at Sawyer!!!
    I love the curly look also, very simple for days when you don't want to fuss!!!
    Grama F


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