Wednesday, April 11, 2012


So  first  things first, my Etsy shop is now OPEN again! Yippee :-) Please make note that  my turnaround time no longer  includes weekends or holidays--a girl needs a break from time to time haha. So please plan accordingly when ordering. So far I've already made 4 sales today since reopening--ready or not, here those  orders  come!

And  in honor of my reopening, I'm  doing an Etsy GIVEAWAY! You can find details on my Facebook page . Essentially  the rules are as follows:
1) Post up to 4 pictures on my *facebook  page*. One per child you'd like to win something for. It can be your own child, a grandchild, a cousin, etc. It can be a future baby to be as well, as we already have one sonogram picture hehe (loved it Amy  !)
2) Once  you've posted your picture(s) then you need to recruit your facebook/blog friends and family to vote for your photo(s)! They do this by  *commenting* on your photo. Doesn't matter what they say, just comment :-) I will also accept "likes" that have been done already, because I think there's been a little confusion on that.
3) The winners will  be chosen in 1 WEEK. I will declare one winner based on which picture get the most  votes....and another winner will be chosen randomly (so if your friends and family are uncooperative voters you still  have a chance to win ;-) The winner will  get a free shirt of their  choosing, up to a $25 value!

So have fun and good luck---get posting those  pictures!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Haha, he needs a cute "little bro" shirt when he comes into the world :)


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