Friday, April 6, 2012

The girls are sick, and do you know what that means? means  there  must  be some sort of holiday or occassion coming up, because that's always the way it goes it seems!

Harper has had a bad cold and now  today Raya  woke up really sick---can't breathe, says her tummy  hurts (but I think she just says that whenever she's sick---I'm not sure whether he tummy actually hurts), she has barely  eaten today and taken 2 naps by choice. Ugh. Brielle has acted fine today but does have a runny nose. I'm hoping she holds out a little longer! Tomorrow we are supposed to go to a special Easter thing that  my mom bought tickets for---breakfast with the Easter bunny and a bunch of activities and stuff. It's at the pumpkin farm where we went in the fall. Anyways, the tickets are non refundable so I think  we'll  be dragging along  any kid still alive haha. Hopefully after a good night's rest Raya  is feeling better!

This look says it all

She mustered up a smile :-)
And for today's Fashion Friday I'm just going to share the birthday shirt that I made for Sawyer's party next weekend. He wanted a fishing shirt, so that's what he got! :-)

It's hard to see all the stitching in the picture. I took these pics when it was dark,
but it's super cute!

And a couple weeks ago  Emily asked  if I'd take pictures and make a birthday invitation for Sawyer, so this is what I came up with---cute right?

And to end today, some pictures of Brielle being adorable today. Happy Friday!

She  loves her baby Dee Dee

She has the cutest side profile ;-)

Pulling herself up onto the coffee table



  1. Oh I'm soooo sad that everybody is sick!!! I hope everyone wakes up and feels much better!!!!
    Grama F

  2. I hope the girls start feeling better soon! We've had the sickness too and it just isn't fun. Hopefully they get a good nights rest and will be able to enjoy your fun activities you have planned for Easter! =)

  3. Ohhh...hope Raya is feeling better soon and that Brielle doesn't get it.

    Cute pictures of the girls today!

    Love the shirt you made Sawyer! I like how you have the 4 on the hook with the fish coming after it! :)


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