Thursday, April 26, 2012

I got nothin' :-)

We did story hour at the library this morning but then my mom watched the girls the rest of the  day so that I could run errands, go to my rhuematologist, etc. etc....which means I have nothing exciting to report and took no  pictures  today!

However after  Sawyer and Harper left yesterday Raya *insisted* on doing another photoshoot here are a few from that--enjoy!

Check  out this "senior photo" pose  she pulled out lol

I'm not sure why  she's doing this weird buck  tooth thing the last couple days haha

Crazy girl

Eating sidewalk chalk

Tastes yucky, but  still  more  fun than  looking at mama's camera

She wanted to go night night ;-)
And  now  I'm off to make a birthday tutu and shirt--sorry I didn't  have anything more exciting tonight! Tomorrow I'm babysitting 6 week old baby Finn for the first  time since his  mom has  to  start back  to work....the girls are excited!


  1. Raya is looking like a real model these days!!!!!!!
    Grama F

  2. What a cute shoot! Don't you love it when they cooperate?!

  3. I can't wait for Kyla to be willing to do photo shoots. I need to get a fancy camera before then though! Might be on my Christmas list this year :)


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