Saturday, April 7, 2012

Meeting the Easter Bunny

So today was the Easter fun day that my mom had bought tickets for....and thankfully everyone was able to go ! Poor Harper looked  like death warmed over, but  Emily and John were preparing for Easter at their house today for Emily's side of the family, and it worked best to have Harper out of the we took her along! Hopefully  no one thought we brought the plague with us though, because at times she looked like she had it! LOL

Of course after all the wonderful warm weather we've had it was cold and windy today! But the rain held off and we were able to go---and as long as we were wearing our coats it was perfectly pleasant....the kids (Raya and Sawyer especially) had a great time--thanks Grandma!

I didn't intend for Raya to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap, because she usually  acts terrified, but after seeing Sawyer socialize with him I was able to sit her on his lap without her screaming lol. Unfortunately the people taking the pics were not the greatest photographers, but the picture was free so we'll take it ;-)

After meeting the Easter  Bunny we had breakfast there....they had  a yummy breakfast provided with pancakes and sausage and eggs, hashbrowns, etc. Then we headed upstairs  where  they had cookie decorating!  (I took my crappy camera again, so excuse the photo quality)

She constantly tries to copy Sawyer's "sweet face" LOL
By the cookie decorating they  had some Monster's Inc. characters and the kids wanted their pictures taken.

Grandma was *super* excited haha :-P

Sweet face  again LOL. One day she'll  discover a smile that is actually cute! ;-)

Poor Harper...she pretty much spent the day  in a daze, clutching this cookie remenant that she never did eat ! :-)

Her eyes were all swollen today even! lol. Still  in a good mood though, considering haha

Big jumpy pillow


Sawyer  got hurt somehow

Raya maintained a face of uncertainty lol

Grandma, explaining that  you can feed him grass

I wanted in some pictures  today, but didn't  realize until  now that when climbing up into this stupid chair my coat came unsnapped, so it ended up being pretty unflattering like I was busting out of a too small coat or something LOL. Oops.

Playing  in corn

Sweet faces, while preparing for the hayrack ride!

At least one child looked! You take what  you can get when you have 4 :-P

God forsaken sweet face---again :-P

Grandma, trying to lift my little  chunk butt :-P

Terrified....again :-P

Big slide!

And then my camera battery died, so no more pictures LOL. You guys  lucked out this  time---I was forced to stop :-)

Happy Easter! Tomorrow the Easter Bunny comes to our house, we have a big easter egg hunt planned, and then we are celebrating with my mom's extended side of the family, so busy day!

....and check out the girls' outfits for tomorrow ....

I'm holding out  a tiny  bit of hope that  they might pose in these for me tomorrow, but most  likely not I decided to just take a picture of the outfits on the floor! ;-)


  1. So glad everyone was feeling well enough to go! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun =) And the girls outfits for Easter are sooo cute! Love them!

  2. I'm so glad everybody got to come!!!!! A great time had by all, even poor little Harper was a trooper! That cookie was still in her hand when we go home!!!!!!
    Grama F

  3. Adorable outfits! You are SO talented!

  4. Looks like you had tons of fun! I love the interaction between cousins. Hudson cousin is a year older and he seriously follows her like a little duck :) that jumping "pillow" thing looks awesome by the way. I need to find one of those here


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