Monday, April 2, 2012

Miscellany Monday

Today I've just  got a quick update---a few pictures from past days that never  got shared yet!

First, on Friday we made cupcakes. I left Raya pick  if she wanted to make cupcakes or brownies. She chose cupcakes. ....and then as soon as we got the cupcakes made she said "Mommy, we made cupcakes today and we'll make brownies tomorrow!"  haha....the girl  is always thinking ;-)  (And yes, by the way, sadly she usually  calls me mommy now....not mama. She's growing up!)

Brielle's first experience with eating frosting with a spoon LOL ---hey, we have to kill time in some way
while  waiting for the cupcakes to bake! ;-)

This picture is completely  random (and censored lol) but  too funny  not to share. I was in the kitchen and when I came around  the corner  I saw this:

And seriously, when I asked her  what  the heck she was doing she  said "I'm just
sitting my stinky butt on my socks"    ....ummm, that makes  perfect  sense ;-P  After further investigation
and trying to decode her ramblings I  think her underwear were bothering her.
And lastly, the other day I  found  this awesome Dora book with 3 panel felt  board at the used store for only $5...Raya loves  it! It has over 50 felt  peices and you can act out the scenes from the book, or make up your own. Raya is thrilled with it.


  1. Haha, Raya's response to what she was doing is pretty funny!

  2. That picture of raya half naked made me laugh & what she said was hilarious. Reminds me of kaylee

  3. I'm sure it was the underwear bothering her, the other day she insisted on taking her jeans off while she painted because they were bothering her stomach, they were not even tight!!! Love that dora book, that's the kind of book they love, I'm sure sawyer will love it tooo!!!
    Grama F

  4. Cael is constantly getting spontaneously naked. What is it with these kids? Crazy exhibitionists!


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