Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The monsters are in bed....

and so now that  they  are sleeping peacefully I  have a renewed appreciation for their cuteness haha. I'm glad my earlier post today was relatable, and that  I didn't receive emails about being a horrible, unappreciative mother. I always feel guilty when they  drive me crazy, and before i had kids (and while pregnant with Raya) I would often think about how when I had kids I would never take it for granted and always remember to cherish them....yada yada yada. But honestly, I'm not Michelle Duggar haha (I  don't know how that lady does it!) ....and I can appreciate and love my children while simultaneously wishing they would just leave me alone for a hour (or day :-)

Since  I  didn't share  any cute pictures of my monsters girls in the last post I thought I would post pictures from our afternoon playing outside today. Please  enjoy! hehe

She has the  serious model  look  down, just like Raya did at this age!


I  promise, this child is truly  adorable.  She  just never looks  it anymore
because  she's  constantly doing strange smiles!!!

Little stinkers turned their  back  on my camera deliberately!

That's fine...I'll just bring my camera around to the other side :-P

"Look, dirty hands!"

Crusty snot nose, but  still smiling! :-)

So big! I'm mad this one got blurry, but  with my new camera I just haven't figured out how
to do any adjustments when in the heat of the moment I'm trying to take pictures super fast to  catch
the cuteness! haha.

Luckily I had the camera back on track  in order to catch this one. Damn, that kid is ADORABLE :-)

She was trying to reach up to the trampoline here. I just thought her eyes looked so pretty in this one.

Peeking under the trampoline

Be still my heart. Perfection.

And  with Miss Raya, I take what  I  can get.  She's either  completely oblivious to my camera,
or making weird smile faces LOL. Some day you will take gorgeous photos again Miss Raya, I just know it! :-)

Sawyer, thanks so much for teaching her the "sweet face" LOL

Those eyes!

"Goodnight everyone! I will try to annoy Mama less tomorrow...the lady could use a break!" :-)


  1. You are so funny!!! I missed your earlier post.

    Your girls look cute all bundled up. Isn't this weather crazy? One week they are in shorts, the next back in winter gear!

  2. Those 2 girls are adorable!! Tomorrow maybe Sawyer and Harper will keep your 2 busy!!!
    Grama F

    1. They're keeping them busy---but helping to make twice the mess too! lol

  3. Your photography skills are really on display here! Cuties!

    1. haha...thanks! I try :-P I'm still just shooting in auto but it helps when we're outside in good light!

  4. You're really doing well with the new camera... these are great! I love Brielle's serious model look!

    1. Thanks! The new camera does really well outside. I'm still learning good settings for inside haha.

  5. Great photos! And I love their matching jackets! How Cute! I sometimes wish I had another little girl so I could dress them alike =)

    1. Thank you! Yes, I have fun dressing them alike. I figure I probably only have another year or 2 before Raya puts a stop to it so I'm going to enjoy it while I can LOL


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