Thursday, April 12, 2012

Random collection of Thursday thoughts

Nothing cohesive to blog about today, so here are a bunch of random pictures and thoughts that I've been meaning to post! :-)

First, we've been attending story hour at the library in my home town ever Thursday morning. It's much better  than the library in the town where we live, and it's only a bout a 5 minute drive. Raya has "friends" that attend this library too, and seems to enjoy going! It's fun to watch her in a group of kids  like that. She's very shy. She complies with directions to sit on her carpet square and she quietly listens to the story, but  she hadn't been following the librarians directions as far as joining in for singing and hand motions etc. that go along with the books. She'd instead just sit there and look at the other kids and act really shy. Well  before we went today I had a long talk with her about following the teacher directions and we've been playing "story hour" at our house and I've been pretending to be the librarian, etc. So today it was super cute, when the librarian asked them to do the first little hand motion rhyme thing Raya looked  at me, smiled big, and then did it! I was so proud haha.  She was still very shy about it, but she did it so that was really cool. She always loves participating in the craft/activity at the end----I can't  really figure out why she gets scared of the songs.

After story hour I  dropped the girls off with my mom for the a fternoon. I had some errands  to run in town and after  this  blog  update  I have Etsy orders to work on!   The girls today  are wearing their matching "Grandma's Little Angel" shirts from Children's Place hehe...I thought  maybe Grandma would offer  to adopt them that  way or something LOL  (just kidding! ;-)

Her  angelic  sweet face  haha

And now a couple Raya "funnies" to share. First, the other day we were playing outside and Raya wanted  to go for a walk. I told her no, it was too windy and I didn't want to push the stroller against the wind up our giant hill haha. Well  she kept begging and I kept saying no and finally s he looked at me and said "Mommy, I'm not going to tell you again! I  go for a walk!"     I couldn't help but laugh, it was too funny LOL. I can't  imagine who she's ever heard say that before :-P

Then recently  we were getting ready to go in the car and Brielle needed her hat on. Raya grabbed her hat and said "i do it!" and then she put the hat on Brielle, stood back and looked  at her and said  "There! You look so cute now!"     :-)  Once again, I have no idea who she's ever heard say that before!! hehe

And lastly today, Lee left for work  and Brielle was crying because she wanted him. I picked her up and she stopped crying---and Raya looked at me and said "Sometimes a baby just needs her mommy"  ....and I said "oh, well  that ok. Are there some times when *you* need your mommy too??" and she said "No, Dada's my favorite now." ...and I was shocked because she NEVER says that and I asked "oh, well why is Daddy your new favorite?" and Raya said "because....he has a new phone and I  get to color on it and play games"   hahaha. Lee has an internet phone now and he's  been letting her  do apps or whatever on it. I  called Lee and told him what she said  and he goes "oh, so that's all it takes to become the favorite huh?!" :-)

In other  news, yesterday I had Sawyer and Harper here. Every activity I get out I must weigh the mess vs. time distracted  :-P Well  I decided to get my big  basket of balls out knowing that it would be a HUGE mess, but betting that the time distracted would also be great. And I was right! They played with the balls for quite awhile---until the babies discovered they were fun to throw over the banister into the basement hehe

Sweet face pose

Raya's version LOL

Snot nose #1

Snot nose #2

Mad face

I told him to make a scary face

I told Raya to make a "scary face" too, but  she  got confused  and instead acted scared instead LOL

Attempt  at a group photo didn't go so well...bad lighting, lots of distractions, and Sawyer kept saying,
"and now you will leave us alone Shawna, right?" 

In other  news, my  child is a thief! We wer at Children's Place so that I could use  some free money there that I had...and Raya was running around looking at stuff. Well at one point she showed me these bracelets she had  found, and I said "oh  go put them back"  and I didn't think  much of it because she usually  follows my directions like that just fine. So anyways fast forward to me unpacking the stroller at a much later  time and suddenly these two braclets fall out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She frickin' stole them! Do they put 2 year olds in jail? haha.  So anyways, I gave  her a stern talking to (about how  if we're going to steal something we steal things  that are much cuter than silly old bracelets!  ------just kiddin' :-) ....I  told her she can't  have them because we didn't pay for them. Good grief kid haha. I haven't decided if it's worth me going all  the way back  there  to return them or what....but the kid doesn't even like bracelets so I'm still confused about the whole thing :-P

Another thing we didn't  pay for---baby Violet (baby Vi)

My parents got  this  doll and had it at their house. Well  Raya  fell in love and convinced Grandma to let her take  it home haha. My dad named her Violet because she has  purple eyes (yeah, a little weird right? But they are totally violet eyes!) Anyways, I love dolls  so i think it's great that  Raya is really getting into them. The creepy thing though? Sitting down to watch the news and looking up to see this damn baby perched there just staring at me LOL

Or how  about how  when we made brownies the other  Vi had to look in the oven with Raya to check  and see if they were cooking ;-)

Switching gears again, check  out the girls  flying the kite they  got from the Easter Bunny

And  lastly, some pics of the girls in their pjs the other morning, putting  on a puppet show for  me :-)

"sweet face"

I was doing "so big!" with Brielle, and then Raya  wanted to do it LOL.
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  1. HAHAHAHA she stole. That's so funny. Poor girl didn't know what she was doing!

    I like the whole "maybe Grandma will adopt them" thing too. My mom said to me last night, "The girls want to live with me forever..."

    I said, "SIGN ME UP!" hahaha I kid, I kid. :)

  2. aww, raya is so sweet with her doll. Love their shirts!

  3. Sooooo many great pics!!! Love the baby Vi pics!!!! I too love the fact that she loves dolls!!!! Also too funny on the pic where she was acting scared instead of making a scary face!!! Love her tring to copy Sawyers sweet face!!
    I hadn't noticed the girls shirts until after you left, very cute, the girls can live with me anytime!!(Sorry the cute shirts were soooo dirty when I sent them home tonight, it was so nice, we played outside all day!!! Also that darn trix yogurt that they love turns the shirts yellow no matter what bib I put on them!!!Love,Grama F

  4. Thanks for making me even more jealous! Oh I wanted a girl so bad so I could dress them alike :( As much as I may lie and say boy clothes are cute, let's face it, they're not even close! And again, I'm so jealous of your backyard. I love the picture of them flying their kite. You're so lucky!

  5. P.S. I just realized why Raya took those bracelets, they are violet, she thought baby Vi would like them!!!!!!!
    Grama F

  6. Seriously your girls are absolutely adorable! I love your style of dressing them! I love the funny Raya comments! How funny! =)

  7. Great pics! I love Baby Vi staring in the oven too!


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