Saturday, April 21, 2012

Raya's birthday invite photoshoot

So I  had  planned  to wait   until the weather  got nice and warm and sunny  before doing Raya's photo for her birthday invite---and then today as we were just about to leave for  our family day at the Children's Museum, Lee informed me that it might snow tonight!!! needless to say I sort of freaked out that I really needed to get this photo taken  and get her invites printed really soon! So what did I do? Well, I grabbed Raya, quick made  her  change into the first remotely sunshiney thing I could fine (her  hair  was already funky from our planned trip to the museum---I just had to go with it!) and we ran into the yard for an impromptu session!!! haha

Needless to say if I had planned it more  ahead of time I would have thought things out a little  better---but we got it done!!! And  the invites are ordered and I  was able to come up with something that  I think is cute, so all  is well :-) We have really small parties so it's not like  I needed something really fancy, but  I  wanted  everyone to get something cute at least.

I'm not sharing the invite until after  it gets mailed out to our guests, but here are a few out takes from the session....enjoy!

We saw lots of the "sweet face"  today

And the crazy person smile

The serious face is always a go to as well

And now that she's almost 3, apparently the "miss attitude" face  is going to be a new one ;-)

Love you Miss  Raya....can't wait until  your party!!


  1. Adorable pics, probably wouldn't have turned out as cute if you had planned it out for a month!!!!
    Grama F

  2. Keira's outfit is from Carter's it was a 3 piece set

  3. Oh my gosh, her facial expressions are priceless! Can't wait to see the final invite, but I love the outtakes :)

  4. Love Raya's pics... and I can't believe she's three! Graham will be three in September and I think I'm still in denial!


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