Sunday, April 22, 2012

Raya's driving!!!

We've  had a powerwheel jeep sitting  at our house for a couple years now. You may remember  when  we had this inside when Raya was little and she loved to sit  in it and pretend to drive. This jeep was *mine* when I was little, and my parents weren't sure if it still  worked, but they thought with a new battery it might.

Well last night Lee finally got around to messing with it. He put a lawnmower battery in it and it's pretty fast now! lol. We make  them  wear helmets when driving in it and  drive on the grass. Poor Brielle did get tossed out once  haha....Raya is a crazy driver ;-)

They had a blast  though!

Kinda  cold and rainy, but  still smiling! :-)

Daddy doing  periodic tune ups haha

Lee had  to chase  them down a couple times---Raya likes  trees LOL

Today my parents  took  the  girls to town for the day and I worked  on Etsy orders. (I know, I know, I'm really trying to avoid working on weekends, but  my shop opened up with a bang's slowing down now to a pretty manageable rate since  I have  my turnaround time set so long, so hopefully this is the last weekend I *have* to work :-)

Here is some of the stuff I worked  on! (Can be  purchased in my Etsy shop, No Paparazzi Please )

Custom request for coordinating  brother/sister guitar shirts. Bad  picture---even cuter in person! I love these :-)
I had lots of people take advantage of my special on facebook  the other day for discounted monogram shirts...these are such a fun  staple for any  kid's  wardrobe...especially the preschool crowd--they think they're hot  stuff in their letter shirts hehe. I'll  be working on these for the next few weeks!

Made a cute tutu  set today as well. My camera just  couldn't find the light today, so the pictures don't do it justice. I love  a good poofy tutu and birthday  shirt, don't  you!? :-)

When Raya got home today she was excited to show me the  tiny baby Grandma and  Grandpa got  her....Raya picked  one out for  Brielle too. Well  Raya hasn't let this  baby leave her  sight tonight, and she was happily  watching barney with the baby before bed just  a bit ago. I thought Grandma would enjoy these pictures! :-)

Only baby's eyes are  peeking out...Raya  has quite  the "hug" going on lol

She loves her  babies!
And lastly, a couple more  "outtakes" from our birthday invitation photoshoot  yesterday...

And  lastly,  I haven't done a plea for followers in awhile. I have been watching my number of daily visitors increase and increase over the last month or two....and I know  I have many more loyal  readers than what  shows up  on my blog. See over  on the right hand side  of my  blog---where is says "members" and then lots  of peoples faces underneath??? Well those  are the cool people who follow me publicly! If your name and/or face isn't showing up over there  then please follow me (click the blue button over there  that says "join this site"....and then follow the prompts).  Be  sure to follow "publicly" so that I can get a nice  little ego boost and how  my number of followers go up hehe. Don't  be  shy---I'm really nice! Just vain, and wanting  more followers. ;-)

Enjoy  the last of your weekends everyone!!!


  1. Love the pics of Raya driving the jeep!!!! I can't believe it's been that long since you and John drove it!!!! Too funny seeing Raya hugging that tiny little baby!!! Love that she loves her babies!!!
    Grama F

  2. How fun. We have a little power wheels car that my parents left. It needs a new battery too. Cute pictures

  3. Cute pictures! I bet they had a blast in the Jeep! Emma has a mustang power wheels and she thinks she is so cool driving it! =)

  4. The driving pictures crack me up. Just think, before you know it Raya will have her permit and be driving your van!

    1. Would it be weird to insist she wears her Dora helmut while driving the mini van ? lol ;-)


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