Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sawyer's birthday continued....

Here are more pictures from Sawyer's birthday party last  night---enjoy!

Raya was in 7th heaven

The "men"

"We throw our hands  up in the air sometimes...."  :-)

Sawyer's  cousin Fletcher

Sawyer's  cousin Gavin

He memorized who brought each present as they came in haha.

I saw these fishing cupcakes on Pinterest and told Emily about them. Herr sister Abby  made them then. Cute!

Sawyer's 4 week old cousin Finn and his mommy. This is the little guy
I'll be watching on Fridays starting at the end  of the month.

Wyatt cracked me up...he sang Happy Birthday  with about 20 verses....

John told Sawyer he could  open presents when Wyatt was done singing. I think Sawyer
started to get worried that Wyatt would never stop!!! ;-)

Sawyer  had lots of moral support  while opening presents hehe

John was the MC....he announced every present on the microphone LOL

Uncle Luke got him a transformer and he w as pumped about it :-)

My mom and my grandma (her  mom)

Brielle wasn't  sure  what to think of Finn!

I got Sawyer  3 art prints from Etsy for his room (also a camper one  not pictured) --He really  wanted art for his recently
redone big boy room---although with all  the toys last night my art was understandably
less exciting than other presents haha. Emily  loved them though!

Emily was playing peekaboo with Brielle and Raya through the door LOL

John took matter into his owns hands with breaking the pinata!

Raya hoarded more than her fair share LOL

Grandpa and  Brielle
A fun party for sure! Next up, Raya's birthday party next month!! :-)

And to end, photos from the photoshoot I did of the girls before we left for the party.

Brielle was abnormally cooperative for this photoshoot...she went
and stood next to Raya  all on her own!

Seeing pictures  like  this always make me so glad I got my sisters!

I told Raya  not to mess up Brielle's  hair---and Brielle grabbed  her hair  as if to protect it haha

Goofy girls

I told them to give eachother kisses. Brielle blew a kiss instead!! haha

Let's  end with a favorite again :-)
....and don't forget to check out my post from last night below----it  has all  my favorite photos from the party last night!!!!


  1. That hat and shirt are ridculously adorable! Love ALL the sister pics!

  2. I'm sooo glad we have someone who loves to take pics in the family!!!! Great job! Those sister pics we need to blow up for 8x10's!!! Way to cute, love the pics of the boys with Raya!!! Love, Love, Love them all !!!
    Grama F

  3. his party turned out cute. Adorable pictures from the party and the pictures at the end of the girls is just way to cute for words!! I love Raya's hat


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