Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shawna's craft hour---preschoolers welcome

So I LOVE doing crafts with the kids haha. I wish I could open up a daycare center (not at my house so they aren't in my stuff!) and just watch 2-4 year old haha. Today we had fun doing "story and song hour" ---which involves me as "the teacher" reading books and then inbetween each book  we stand up and do a song. Today's favorite songs were "I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee", "hokey pokey", and "5 little speckled frogs" :-)  Then we made puppets and decorated them with colors, stickers, etc. Sawyer and Raya put on quite the (loud) puppet show! Then I saw a cherry blossom tree craft on Pinterest that looked fun, so I painted trees on pink paper for the kids and gave them Elmers and popcorn----they glued those "cherry blossoms" on their trees and had a blast. We also *ate* some popcorn and Sawyer  said it was the best craft ever haha.

Enjoy some pics!

Puppet show!

I think  Sawyer  ate more than made it on his  paper ;-)

Raya was loving the glue

Squeezing hard!

Harper reached up and ate a peice  of popcorn off of Raya's paper haha. Yummy glue I guess!
Brielle was fussing towards the end and driving me crazy.  No morning naps anymore means she's pretty fussy by about 11am.

Finished masterpieces--cherry blossom trees! :-)
Now time to finish up that popcorn!

She is  officially  doing the cheesy smile now!!

No idea what face  he was trying to do! lol

And to end, some pictures  of the girls  playing downstairs  yesterday....

Happy Wednesday from my little monsters!!! :-)


  1. FUN! Love the crafts! And the pics as always

  2. How fun. Those cherry blossom trees are adorable!

  3. The kids look like they had a great day!!!!!! They are very lucky to have someone who takes the time to do things with them!!!
    Grama F

  4. I love doing crafts with the boys too, but neither of mine have the patience to see it through to the end. Even a simple "paint with water" project last week turned into a very wet disaster!

    Love the girls in the basket, too!

    1. hehe---I can't imagine Cael making a mess with a craft!! ;-)

  5. You are #1 mom and #1 Aunt! I might have to steal the cherry blossom idea for Gianna tomorrow. It's supposed to be rainy all day and she likes to stay busy! I should have planned something for her, but we'll just play it by ear I guess!

    1. I make sure to post my "#1" moments and not the "we should call CPS" moments lol ;-)

      I bet she'd like the cherry blossom tree craft---being able to eat the craft seems to be a big selling point!!


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