Monday, April 23, 2012

She's just one of the girls!

Poor  Brielle....she just doesn't  understand that  she's not big like Raya. She thinks she's just  hanging with the girls, when really she's the baby tag along haha.  When Brielle still  took  a morning nap I  used that  time to do  crafts and educational activities with Raya, but now Brielle doesn't take a morning nap....and she throws a major fit if we dont' include her in our activities. However finding an activity that is appropriate for oth of them  is a challenge. Things will be so much easier  when they are 3 and that time the age  difference won't seem  like anything--it'll be just like Sawyer and Raya! But  right now the age difference seems huge, and I'm stumped for ideas where I'm not constantly stopping Brielle from choking, etc. on Raya's activities!

Anyways, I *try* to be a cool mom when I can, so  we just  jumped  in and made rice sensory bins today. Raya has loved these in the past, but  Brielle  has never  really played with one.  Let's  just say she LOVED it too---but she ate at least a couple spoonfuls  of rice before I could  stop her  lol. She also tries to pick  up the rice container and almost spill  it everywhere---so my dream of doing housework while they played quietly didn't pan out and I had to spend the whole time sitting right with Brielle. Oh well...she learned how t o say "there it is!!!" when we'd dig up things I hid in the rice, and it's the cutest thing she's said to date. Her little voice is so sweet! :-)

Enjoy the pics! We were still  in pjs haha

We had green rice too....I  just hadn't added it here  yet



Pretending to eat  it

After we got dressed and went  for  a nice  walk outside the girls decided they needed the rice again for "2 more minutes" I  got it  out again, this time in the kitchen. (It worked well  for them to play with it on a sheet....then I just shook  the sheet off outside and didn't have rice all over my house.)

And seriously, why do my  girls have  apparently  genetic cheesy smiles!?! lol

And lastly, Raya suddenly INSISTED after  lunch that  I take pictures  of her  posing with her baby  again today. (Grandma, I think she heard me talking  about that baby on the phone with you or something....but she demanded that  I take these pictures, so hear ya go! :-)

Hope everyone is "enjoying"  their Mondays! :-)


  1. It is hard to do crafts with Keira too. We might have to try the sensory bin. Cute pictures of the girls

  2. Raya looks sooooo cute with that tiny baby!!!! At least she is wanting to model for you!!!
    Grama F


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