Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sisterly love---and a visit from Grandma and Grandpa H.

First things first, as of today I  am totally caught up on Etsy orders---wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I even got Sawyer's fishing themed birthday shirt done today too---I'm not going to share pics of that  yet though :-P So this week I plan to do some spring cleaning in my "free  time" and possibly work on Raya's birthday outfit. I will be reopening my Etsy shop the week  after Easter, so if you're one of the people who've contacted me anxiously waiting for my reopening I promise it's coming! :-) And also, I'm hoping to do a GIVEAWAY the week I be sure to "like" my Facebook page and also be sure that you are a public follower of my blog here! Then you will  hear about the upcoming giveaway for free stuff.

And due to not having Etsy orders to work  on tonight, I can do my second blog u pdate of the day! lol. After dying eggs this morning we did a little photoshoot because the girls were wearing matching sister shirts from Children's Place, and they looked so darn cute :-P

This pretty much sums up why I am thrilled to have *two* girls....sister photoshoots in matching outfits!

(Click photo to enlarge)
Getting the girls to sit  cooperatively  for  pictures is like trying to take  two wild animals and get them to pose for pictures at the zoo LOL. Lee and I tried our best, but as you can see, behind the scenes wasn't pretty!

At least you can kinda/sorta  read their shirts lol

(Click photo to enlarge)

Poor Brielle---love  hurts :-P

And I appologize in advance, but I'm completely addicted to Picasa's "pencil skietch" edit, and I'm sure I'll  get it out of my system soon, but  for now I can't stop doing it---it's so cool! :-)

The smile----it's still  around LOL
Then Raya decided to do some impromptu "ring around the rosey"

...we all  fall down!

And just  a couple other sister photos. Sorry you guys, I tried, I really did. There are like 100 more photos I'm not posting lol...I just can't stop myself from sharing adorable  pictures! ;-)

Next, this afternoon Grandma and Grandpa H. came for a short visit because they were in the area for an antique thing. They brought the girls Easter baskets full  of candy (I'm eating Brielle's LOL....shhhh, don't tell ;-) ....and then they also got them this singing/dancing chicken...and it lays eggs lol. It sings "whoops, there it is! Whoops, there it is!"  and every time it says that  it lays an egg haha. Then you put the eggs back in and it'll go again. The girls got a kick outta it.

It *really* got Brielle a giggling! :-)

Raya couldn't  wait to dig  into the treats in her  Easter basket---the girl is a sugar addict!
And now just  a few more randoms with Grandma and Grandpa...

Told you I'm addicted  to these edits! No idea why it looks like her pants  are covered in flour though
hahaha....must have  been  the lighting

She's so stinkin' CUTE!


  1. Sounds like you guys had a fun day today. Love the matching outfits & many out takes reminds me of kaylee & Keira...haha

  2. Great great pictures!!!! That chicken is great, where does she find that stuff!!! I love all the sister pics, the one where Raya is swinging Brielle in ring around the rosie is toooo funny, her hair is really blowing, poor Brielle must have been holding on for dear life!!!
    Grama F

    1. The chicken was from hallmark. That's where she gets a lot of the holiday stuff for the girls.

  3. how cute! You can tell the girls love eachother! I love picasa too

  4. I use Picasa, I'll have to check out the edits! Those pictures are adorable!


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