Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stats P.S.

So the girls had  their appt. this  morning---my  estimates were very accurate! Here's how it went down :-)

Miss  Raya--35 months
Weight- 37lbs (93rd%ile)
Height-- 38inches (77th%ile)
Head Circ.--92nd%ile

So  as you can see, Raya in general is just a solid little  girl! Doctor said she  looked  great. I'm predicting she'll  be our solid little  athelete haha. She's actually slimming down and shooting up from her 2 year appointment...her weight was the 96th%ile at age 2, so that's come down a little, and her height was the 66th%ile at age 2, so that's gone up! I have a feeling it won't be long before her  height catches up to her weight percentile.

Miss Brielle--15 months
Weight--21.8 lbs (54th%ile)
Height--29.5inches (16th%ile)
Head Circ.--31st%ile

So  Brielle is now up to "average" weight, but she's  still  my little  shorty! And based on her head  circ.  etc.  she just seems to be a more petite girl all  around.  Her weight and height percentiles have stayed very consistent this whole time....her  height is slightly higher percentile this  time compared to 12 months though. I think maybe  Brielle will be our little gymnyst or dancer--we'll have  to see! She's such an active little  thing and has no fear at all. If she was a boy  I'd predict wrestler LOL

That's all I've  got for today---to  see cute pictures be sure to check  out my update  from yesterday! :-)


  1. I just entered your fb giveaway!! butttt just saw it ends tonight... hmmmph!! oh well, hopefully I can get some people to comment :)

    1. I also pick one random winner so you can still win even if you don't get the most comments :-) Good luck!

  2. Raya is a lot bigger than Kaylee. I think Kaylee weighs maybe 30lbs and is 35.5" I'm not sure how much Keira weighs maybe around 23lbs and she is 32". But yay for healthy girls. I'll take my girls in next month for their 3 year and 18 month check up

    1. Yeah, I didn't realize Raya was actuallly tall for her age too--I always knew she was solid! It's funny because she doesn't *look* that heavy, but when you pick her up you can feel it! ;-)

  3. Glad the checkups went well! Loved the pictures yesterday. I'm amazed how much Brielle and Kyla are growing up!

  4. The girls were soooo good at their appointments today, and everybody thought they were adorable, including the doctor!!!
    Grama F


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