Thursday, May 17, 2012

3rd Birthday Interview

Thanks to  everyone  who helped me brainstorm ideas to ask Miss  Raya! We got some pretty cute  answers :-) I'll  start with the shorter, straight to the point answers, and save some of the funniest ones to the  end---enjoy! She's one hilarious almost-3-year-old haha.

What is your  favorite  color?   *Red

What is your favorite TV show? *Caillou

What is your favorite  room in your house? *Ray Ray's room!
Why is that your favorite? *Because  I love  it so much!

Do you like princesses? *Yes!
Which is  your favorite princess? *Princesses!

What is  your  favorite  food? *Peanut Butter sandwich
What  food  don't  you like? * Ummmmm....(smells chair) This one...this chair.

What is you favorite thing to drink? *Milk and wa-wa. Not pop. Sometimes I like  pop or not  like  pop. I like it when I  grow up.

If you could change  your  name, what would it be? *I  want  a little baby instead.
But if your name wasn't Rayana, what  would you pick? H********* (last name)

If  you had lots  of money, what  would you buy with it? * I  wear  my  jammies all  night--you throw it  away and I'd buy new shirts. I'd got one dollar.

What's your favorite  book? * The Grandma book....because I love it so much

What do you love  about Grandma and  Papa's house? * Eat lunch.
But what do you like to play at their  house? * They have bunk beds. Ummmm.....I  like babies  at my house.

If you could do  anything all  day, what would it be? * Play things.....presents.

Who's your best friend? *So So (Sawyer)!!! Mommy!

What's  your  favorite game? * Bears! (counting bears)

What's  your favorite thing to wear? *Minnie  Mouse
Which Minnie Mouse outfit? *The one with pants.


Me: What  is something you want to teach  Brielle when  she's older?
Raya: Cars.
Me: What about cars do you want to teach her?
Raya: I'm big. Brielle's little. When Brielle  is big like  me we will match on the slides. .....I'm big--1, 2, 3, 4......1,2,3,4 


Me: What's  your favorite thing to do at the mall?
Raya: Toys. Toys at a different mall. They  only  have one mall. One mall Mama.
Me: What  do you like to buy at the mall?
Raya: We not  buy anything Mama
Me: What treats do you like at the mall?
Raya: Cupcakes. I like cupcakes  better. One that has fish on So So's house. I  want my cupcakes to have  fish on it.
Me: For  your birthday? Don't you want  sunshine cupcakes?
Raya: Yes....but I  like goldfish better!

Me: What do  you dream about?
Raya: About a monster! It eats me. I  get up and  eat  my food and brush my teeth. Then I turn my head like this (turns head)
Me: What  does  the  monster look  like?
Raya: Like  on my show (Monster's inc.) Mommy, you protect me from monsters! I  saw him comes and I hide  under my blanket and say Mama under my blanket. .....Mama, I want the storms to be quiet!
Me: You don't like  storms?
Raya: No. I want them to go in jail.


What's your favorite thing about Daddy? *Mommy...I like Mommy best.
But  what do you like  about Daddy? *I like  Mommy.
What is your favorite thing about Sawyer? *Harper....Harper comes to my house.
What is your favorite thing about Harper? *I  like Harper.
What is you favorite thing about Brielle? * I  don't  want  a sister....and a brother too. I don't  want  any people, any babies, at my house.
Can Brielle stay at your house? Yes.
Do you like it when Finn comes  to  your house? Yes, I like  him better.

Me: If you had to pick  a new mommy, who would you pick?
Raya: Daddy!
Me: But  if you couldn't live with mommy or daddy, who would you want to live with?
Raya: Brielle!
Me: But  what if you had to pick someone different?
Raya: No, I love Brielle so much.

(Sorry Grandma---your name  never  came up on this one! ;-)

Me:  What is you favorite toy?
Raya: My food in my room (her  wooden kitchen stuff)
Me: Why  is  that  your favorite?
Raya: Because  my babies  enjoy it. 

Me:  Why  is  the sky blue?
Raya: Because it's dark.
Me: But what makes the sky blue?
Raya: The clouds.

Me:  What  do you want  to be when you grow up?
Raya: Ride horses
Lee: You want  to be a jockey?
Raya: Yes!
Me: (laughing) Well,  you've  certainly got the build for it!
Lee: No she doesn't!
Me: Clearly you didn't catch my sarcasm.

Me: Would you like another  sister  or brother?
Raya: Yes.
Me: Which one?
Raya: A sister....because  I like to play  with her.
....mama? Dora has a pink  AND a blue one!!
Me: Oh, Dora has twins? A brother and sister?
Raya: Yes!
Me: Do you want your Mama to have twins too?
Raya: Yes!
Me: Don't you think Mama would get really tired?
Raya: No silly mama. You aren't scared of babies!
....Mama? I just  want Brielle.
Me: Oh,  you don't want another  sister or brother  anymore?
Raya: No.
Me: Why not?
Raya: Because I just like  Brielle. I  love her so much.
Me: Oh, ok.
Raya: Mama? You keep an eye on our house.
Me: What? Why?
Raya: Don't  let a pink  and blue one in our house! Keep an eye on it ok?
Me: (laughing) Ok....I won't let another  brother or sister in.
Raya: This is OUR house.
Me: Ok, got it.


Hope  you all  enjoyed that! Later  I  plan to interview  her  some on camera and have  her  sing for us too---just  have to find my video camera LOL. Today we are leaving soon to go to story hour, then the mall  for lunch, then the Playstation (climbing/jumping/tunnel place) with Grandma and Harper and Sawyer, then to Grandma's to go swimming. Needless to say we  have a fun pre-birthday planned!

And how does  Miss  Raya  repay me for such a fun day in store? Well check  out this conversation we *just * had:

Raya asked for some Cheerios just now, after having eaten breakfast not long ago. I told her "ok, just a few....because see your tummy right there? Well, if you eat too many your tummy will get too big" then she looks at me and says "Like yours? My tummy is going to get really big like yours?"   

Seriously kid, thanks.   .....anyone know where my oreos are? I need  to eat my feelings :-P


  1. Cute interview I should do another one with kaylee & see what she says. Raya your never suppose to tell mommy shes big. Kids say the darnedest things

  2. Super cute! I love how their brains make the strangest connections, but it makes perfect sense to them!

  3. What a brilliant idea, I'll have to do that too - love the Cheerios comments, lol!

    Raya, you're supposed to say mommy is beautiful!
    Oh wait, that's just my kids???
    I teach them that I'm a princess, super mommy, and beautiful.
    Hey! Someone has to make a girl feel good right?!?
    I kid. I kid.

    But seriously, love this interview.
    I'm stealing your idea to do with the girls closer to their birthday!

    And yes, do a video interview!!!

  5. That was so so cute! I literally laughed out loud at work :D Kids are the cutest and just say the darndest things. Your such a cute mom, I will for sure need to do this when Hudson gets bigger!

  6. Love Rayas answers!!! Except I was disappointed that she didn't want me for a mama!!!!!I can't wait for her to see her doll house at her party!!!
    Grama F


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