Saturday, May 19, 2012

3rd Birthday Sneak Peek

Too tired to post tonight, but here's a little sneak  peek at Miss Raya's party today!

Love the way her  outfit turned out!

And yes, I didn't  want to clash in family photos, and Lee only  had shirts that were matchy matchy, or clashed we were a matchy matchy navy couple today LOL.

The dollhouse was a hit!
Many more photos to come....eventually :-)


  1. LOVE her outfit!!! Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. Cute doll house. The hubs is putting kaylees together tonight (he likes to wait till the last minute!!)

  2. Love the outfit! Would you consider making one to sell?? I would definitely be interested. Let me

    1. I'll email you :-) I do have the shirt listed in my Etsy shop (kinda pricey, but it's time consuming to make!) Of course, just sold one this morning after posting a picture of Raya wearing it hehe

  3. I LOVE her outfit! It's absolutely adorable!!! =)

  4. Her outfit is adorable!!!!!!! And what a cute family!

    So glad she finally got to open her present! I can't imagine how much she was dying to get her hands on that! :)


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